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Supported Specifications
  • IMS Common Cartridge
  • SCORM 1.2
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What is EduWave?

Integrated Technology Group (ITG) is an international, dynamic, innovative, and technology-driven company that operates through four regions: The Middle East, Africa, Asia, and United States of America.


ITG’s flagship areas are:


•  Educational Solutions: EduWave® e-Learning & Educational Management Platform and e-Content


•  Government/Enterprise Solutions: Government Resource  Planning - WaveGRP®, Enterprise Resource

    Planning - WaveERP®, and Document Management Solution - WaveDMS®


ITG's strength lies in its vision, which hinges on technological innovations, and the ability to identify potential business frontiers well ahead of the competition.

About (7%) of the company’s revenue is invested in R&D. At ITG, we realize the importance of investing in research and development to maintain the company’s technological lead and continuously develop innovative solutions to meet our customers' needs and requirements. Professional training is also an ongoing activity at ITG, so that our professional staff can stay abreast with the technological advancements, new tools and methods that assist them in developing reliable, scalable, and robust solutions.

The company also works through a network of strategic partners and representatives in over (20) countries worldwide. This gives ITG extended reach and flexibility through effective utilization of the combined know-how, experience, and presence of its partners in their respective markets. It also provides the firm with additional support and adds to its core competencies that render it as one of the most competitive and leading IT companies.

Overview of EduWave benefits

ITG's EduWave solution is a comprehensive education platform that was built to assist large-scale and/or complex educational organizations in improving student learning and achievement, and help students, teachers, administrators, parents, and the whole learning community become more efficient, effective, and productive. EduWave includes Learning Management (LMS), Content Management (CMS), Assessment Management, Communication & Collaboration (CC), Student Information (SIS), and Educational Management Information System (EMIS) seamlessly integrated into one solution, with a fully managed integrated user experience. Thus, allowing related educational elements to work together in the most effective manner.

In summary, EduWave is in perfect alignment in achieving the following:

-      Improve equity of access to education and equity among publicly-funded schools

-      Improve efficiency of the school system

-      Improve all aspects of quality education through measurable learning outcomes

-      Ensure that students obtain optimal opportunities for academic and self-development

-      Introduce support technology in the system

-      Increase access to children with special education needs

-      Improve the effectiveness of school management

-      Create a strong Quality Assurance system to secure internal efficiency and quality teaching and learning

-      Develop a decentralized management and delivery system that supports greater community participation

-      Facilitate professional development

-      Strengthen and develop Distance Education

-      Improve life-long learning and entry into the labor market

-      Build an effective and efficient education sector

-      Transform education management through state-of-the-art technology


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