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What is Genially?

Genially is the world-leader in interactive visual communication. Use Genially as your all-in-one online tool to create stunning presentations, interactive images, infographics, gamification, quizzes, breakouts, portfolios, etc. and enrich them with interactivity and animation effects in seconds. 

You no longer need a team of designers and programmers to make an impact with striking, visual communication in a flash. Use interactive and animated effects to quickly and easily distribute information in layers that students can explore and discover. Leave outdated content creation software behind, and stun and engage educators and students alike with Genially. The Wow Effect is just a few clicks away.

Choose from over 1100 templates, or start from scratch. Join a community of millions of users worldwide that includes eLearning experts, teachers, instructional designers, business professionals and learning institutions like Oxford University, UCSF, New York University (NYU) and the Autonomous University of Barcelona. The future of communication awaits you.

Overview of Genially benefits

Genially has 1100+ templates in 12 different categories for quick creating and also allows you to start from scratch, making creations as customizable as you'd like. 

It offers photo and resource galleries but also allows you to add your own external elements.

It works perfectly with almost any platform or external tool, making it easy to insert Youtube videos, images, audios, animations, educational activities, google maps, and more into your Genially creations.

Animations and interactivity can be easily added to any element of a creation: text, images, buttons, etc. 

You can control the way in which a creation is navigated: with arrows that take viewers through your content in a linear fashion, in microsite mode, which allows you to connect pages through the use of buttons and even hidden elements that viewers must discover for themselves and in video mode, where a creation plays from start to finish at the speed you choose.

Genially give you both a url for each creation and its iframe code, allowing you to easily embed creations into webpages and web platforms.



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