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What is iTacit?

iTacit is an employee platform that puts everything ‘work’ in one mobile-first, accessible place. iTacit connects your teams to everything they need to do their job from day one.

Automate onboarding with forms, targeted posts, learning paths and communication tools. With surveys and polls, you can measure engagement and go even deeper with analytics into everything from posts to courses.

Make onboarding part of the hiring process and automate forms, training and socialization.

Setting a new hire up for success starts before they do. To help make newcomers feel fully ready and integrated into the new culture and role, you need to get them the information and tools they need, before they need them.

More than just an employee app, iTacit puts email-free asynchronous messaging, training, a social intranet, digital forms, checklists and more into the hands of your teams – wherever they are.

Overview of iTacit benefits

Digital coordination from recruitment to onboarding – iTacit is the only all-in-one employee platform that puts everything work in one place.

  • Automated onboarding: Automated workflows, role-based targeting and an LMS mean that you can engage your employees from the moment they accept their new position.

  • Mobile-first engagement: Reach your employees wherever they are with a mobile hub for communications, training, digital forms and more. Available on Android and iOS.
  • A digital notice board and social intranet: Give your employees a familiar-feeling, social digital workplace with a chronological notice board featuring posts, polls and videos, all tying back into a social intranet packed with resources.
  • Optimize hiring with better data: Apply employee and activity data to recruitment and hiring outcomes.
  • Recruit internally & externally: Spotlight career development opportunities for team members and bring in new hires with recruiting tools.



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