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What is Leapsome?

CEOs & HR teams use Leapsome to create a continuous cycle of performance management and personalized learning that powers employee engagement and the success of their business. Build a culture of feedback with Leapsome¿s all-in-one people management platform and implement meaningful, growth-oriented 360-degree feedback processes to enable your managers and develop your employees.

The work we do in life defines us in one way or another. We invest time and energy in it, and for most of us it even forms a great part of our identity. Yet so many of us don’t have the ongoing clarity and flow that we need to be able to work at our best. As information systems grow more complex, alignment and purpose can all too easily get lost in the noise.

We wanted to craft a holistic solution that was simple, yet extensive; informative, yet easy to implement.

Our platform enables both managers and employees to be their best with a range of tools for performance management including goal setting, real-time feedback and 360º reviews. Companies use Leapsome to create remarkable environments where employees not only achieve common goals, but learn and grow together and build authentic relationships.

Overview of Leapsome benefits

Build the review you need.

Run simple performance reviews, agile project reviews, 360-degree reviews, or anonymous leadership reviews. Get help on setting up your review process from our best practice templates and frameworks or customize everything from questions to ask employees to timelines and anonymity settings. Leapsome is flexible to your performance management processes.

Save time with automated review cycles.

Create review templates and timelines that can be reused across review cycles and even set to recur on their own. Use employee data to automatically trigger probation period reviews or decentralized annual review cycles. Invitations, notifications, and reminders ensure all participants complete their reviews.

Quantify employee competencies with skill frameworks.

Measure employee performance across key skills. Define company-wide or team specific skills to measure against and track development in these areas over time. Understand skill gaps to improve team composition, better allocate training budgets, and inform hiring plans.


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