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Best seller with hospitality, retail, private healthcare, facilities management and logistics industries. Serves customers looking to reduce time to hire and cost to hire.

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What is Occupop?

A little bit about us...
Occupop (formerly BidRecruit) was founded in 2016 by former tech recruiters Caroline Gleeson and David Banaghan.
Having worked in the industry for a number of years, Caroline and David were frustrated with the direction it was taking. At the same time companies like Airbnb, Uber and Mytaxi were revolutionising traditional industries worldwide. This growth in digitisation was a real inspiration to us and led to the founding of the company.

We now operate across Ireland, UK and Poland. The experience that we gained in the recruitment industry has given us a real understanding of the pain points faced by hiring managers and candidates alike and has enabled us to build recruitment solutions that address real needs and challenges in the recruiting process.

At Occupop we strive to surround ourselves with passionate and driven individuals, something that has really impacted the success of our company to date. If this sounds like you then get in touch, we’d love to hear from you!


Overview of Occupop benefits

Job Posting Engine
Increase your job exposure and attract the best candidates. With one click, post your job to multiple free, discounted & premium job boards, all social media channels and your customised careers page.

Talent Pools
Never lose track of a candidate again. Organise your candidates in a boolean searchable database, create talent pools using candidate tagging, seamlessly track candidate interactions and easily identify candidates for future job openings.

Smart Screening
Gain the competitive edge using technology when recruiting. Create custom application forms with smart questions as well as A.I. powered CV scoring to rapidly shortlist the most suitable candidates. Interview scoring enables you to rank candidate suitability throughout the hiring process.

Candidate Automation
Automate the entire hiring journey. Easy to use tools such interview schedule and workflows enable you to improve processes, reduce time-to-hire and greatly enhance the candidate experience.


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