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What is Qooper?

Qooper partners with companies, universities and non-profits worldwide to start and grow their mentorship programs.

Surround your employees/students with the right mentors for guidance, the right peers for collaboration, the right groups for learning and the personalized resources for development.

On Qooper's modern, customizable and brandable mentorship platform. Goal setting, assignments, learning, chat, video call, meeting scheduler with calendar synchronization, group discussions, events and more are accessible on computers and mobile devices (Web, iOS, Android).

Smart admin dashboard automates profile collection, mentor-matching, education, follow-ups, check-ins and helps design the program with Qooper's rich mentoring and development library.

Tracking and measurement data is visual with participant activity timelines and program analytics.

Overview of Qooper benefits

  • Customizable Questionnaire & Matching Algorithm
    Use Qooper Profile Form Builder to have participants fill our your questionnaire or select from our templates with professional and personality assessments
    Select matching algorithm criteria and weights
    Import users from HR systems or existing excel sheets
    Curriculum Design & Templates
    Create a guided mentoring experience to train mentors and mentees on the next steps in the program and provide resources from Qooper Library, or add your own


  • Mentoring Resources
    Discussion Topics
    Email & Push notifications


  • Qooper Customer Success
    Assistance for your program design with experience from 250+ organizations, small business to enterprise, universities to associations, in the US to overseas.


  • Qooper Mentoring & Learning Software offers all the software solutions to run a successful program – it brings in the expertise and knowledge from 250+ mentoring and learning programs through our services for a GUARANTEED SUCCESS.

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