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What is TMetric?

TMetric is an employee time tracking software designed to help you track your employees’ working hours, breaks, attendances, and leaves, helping you ensure that you pay your employees accurately and empower them to become efficient and productive assets to your company or organization.

It enables users to not only track their employees and their working hours, but also income the streams in from projects and other revenue sources.

Aside from companies and agencies, TMetric is an ideal time tracking tool for freelancers. It provides users with versatile billable rates and transparent and detailed reporting to help you spot areas of improvement and more opportunities to optimize your processes and workflows.

Overview of TMetric benefits

TMetric is designed to improve your workers’ focus and boost individual productive day in and day out. The software lets you easily monitor working hours, activities, breaks, and more through a detailed visual timeline. Need to track how much time it takes to finish a certain task? TMetric lets you install browser add-ons to help you monitor your tasks in a single click. Autocomplete feature lets you save time for repetitive tasks that you or your worker accomplish.

Aside from being an excellent billable time tracker to ensure that you track every minute of your employees’ billable hours, TMetric also functions as a money tracking tool as well. It makes it so easy to track expenses per account, project, or team member as well as income you get with every project and client. It is also designed to work with multiple currencies, which is quite useful if you are catering to international clients.

It is critical for every project to have an estimate and a budget, With TMetric, you can create and track both and more. You can set an estimated number of hours per project or team member as well as specific monetary amounts as project budget. The software then helps you track how money is spent via reports. TMetric sends out email notifications every time a purchase has been made, helping you to follow project expenses and prevent going over budgets.


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