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What is TMetric?

Tmetric is one of the leading and trusted time tracking software that has been creating an impact with the automated workflow for the administrators and employees. The software comes with an intuitive dashboard where you can access to history and data of every client and team member to check their overall performance. With Tmetric, it is easy to deliver timely projects, and with ease, one can monitor who is actively working and who is not.

There are accurate absence management features that will automatically mark the leaves if someone finds them inactive all day. Tmetric seems to be the valid option for your organization to turn more leads and profits via streamlining all the major business tasks. This means your client will be more satisfied with your work for sure. There are multiple features on offer that include extensive customization, various API integrations, time tracking, task management, invoicing, payroll for employees, time tracking permissions, activity levels, budgeting, and much more to add.

Overview of TMetric benefits

Reasonable pricing.

Ease of use. User-friendly and simple design.

Billable and cost rates: money tracking and payroll.

Import of data for customers.

Login for client representatives to access reports.

Permissions for time tracking.


Task and project management: create projects and set tasks.

Flexible reporting system: 6 types of clear and detailed reports.

Control over productivity by screenshots and apps/site usage monitoring.

Integrations with 50+ tools, including time synchronization with Jira, QuickBooks Online, GitLab, and Redmine.

Time off module for asking for days off, controlling missed worked days and managing team attendance.

REST API and Zapier support.

Offline mode and idle detection.


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