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What is Trakstar Employee Engagement?

Trakstar is an award-winning employee appraisal software designed to help organizations and HR professionals track employee performance as well as manage feedback, goals, and reviews. It won our Expert’s Choice Award for 2019.

This cloud hosted solution lets you evaluate employees through its features such as automated performance review, real-time 360-degree feedback, goal management, and succession planning. These are all intended to provide you powerful performance management tools that are user-friendly, customizable, and applicable to organizations of all sizes and industries.

The HR solution plays a crucial role in helping you track performance when it comes to confirming the abilities of trainees and evaluating employees for promotion. It provides a number of analytics and reporting tools to give you relevant and useful insights to help you make important decisions regarding your workers. Ultimately, you can create a healthy and productive organizational culture utilizing goals and competencies to firmly connect suitable candidates with your company’s core values.

Overview of Trakstar Employee Engagement benefits

Automated performance review

You get rid of time-consuming paper chase and instead let your HR managers focus on employee development and realizing business goals. Trakstar’s performance appraisal feature allows your managers to review competencies through relevant questions and rate answers accordingly. Both managers and employees receive automated email reminders of tasks that need completion which can be scheduled to keep people on track. The system can generate reports to evaluate performance history and ranking and other indicators while rater bias reports provide insights on how managers rank their employers. The feature allows you to discover trends and get reports on performance issues before they go unresolved and likewise locate your high performers for further development

All-around, real-time feedback

You can use Trakstar’s real-time tracking features to get live continuous feedback from your employees. The system maintains a feedback journal for a balanced and smarter analysis to support your future business decisions. In order to get the right answers, you have to ask the right questions and Trakstar’s customizable form gives you that option. You can create and customize review forms any way you like, and share those across the entire staff and management so that you don’t miss out on any reviews. To get your work done on time, Trakstar also sends email reminders to your workers, ensuring that you receive all your review forms in time. The workflows are designed to fit any type of organization, and therefore work well for almost all business types.


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