Distance Learning: 10 Ways To Keep Oneself Productive And Focused

Distance Learning: 10 Ways To Keep Oneself Productive And Focused
Summary: In this article I will share 10 tips for eLearners to build productivity and focus while taking distance learning courses.

How To Keep Oneself Productive And Focused In Distance Learning 

eLearners often find it difficult to stay focused and motivated while undergoing eLearning and distance learning courses. Here are 10 ways in which learners can build productivity and focus while engaging themselves in the eLearning process.

1. Make A Schedule And Stick To It

Making schedules and sticking to them is a great way to keep oneself on track and remain dedicated throughout the duration of the distance learning course. The learner may employ technology to manage time. Online calendars like Google Calendar, smart notes like Evernote, and time-tracking apps like Toggl can be used by the tech-savvy eLearners of today to help themselves stay productive and focused.

2. Set Deadlines

Setting deadlines is one of the simplest ways to avoid distractions and focus on the work at hand. Learners engaged in distance learning courses can use this technique to motivate themselves and overcome procrastination. Since setting smaller, more realistic deadlines is known to be more effective, the learner may set deadlines topic selection, completing research, writing the first draft, making corrections, etc. This simple strategy can go a long way in helping one stay dedicated.

3. Chart And Monitor Your Performance At Regular Intervals

Knowing exactly where one is will help one stay focused on the work at hand. Regular evaluations of one’s progress on online assignments or courseworks while pursuing the distance learning course helps one keep an eye on the goals and lay off procrastination. It also helps learners push themselves to their maximum limits and boost their productivity. A learner may monitor one’s progress by setting up progress goals and monitoring whether the goals are being met or not. To make sure one is on the right path, one can seek consultation from Elite Assignment online. This may be done biweekly or monthly, depending on the learner.

4. Interact More With Other Learners

Not being engaged in a classroom environment may make learners feel isolated and lonely. These feelings of loneliness and isolation can create massive hindrance for the learners in the entire eLearning process. In order to avoid these, learners must regularly engage themselves in conversations with other learners. These interactions with other learners will reduce their boredom and induce the feeling that they are not alone in their struggles. Quality interactions may also harbor a sense of support and love among learners and help them stay motivated (Bekele, 2010, p.118). Platforms like Skype or Facebook may be used to facilitate such interactions.

5. Make Good Use Of Online Tools

One of the major problems that eLearners or distance learners may face is the lack of consistent supervision. In order to overcome this and the problems that stem from this, learners may make quality use of online tools. The internet has a number of quality online tools, virtual libraries, and other materials that can greatly aid eLearners. Using sites like StayFocused is a great way to help oneself in the distance learning process.

6. Employ Attention-Increasing Techniques That Work For You

eLearners or distance learners who often have a hard time focusing on the course at hand and staying motivated must try to identify the specific attention-increasing techniques that work for them. Exercising during study breaks work for some, while highlighting the notes, doodling, or meditating may work for others. Some people may draw motivation by rewarding themselves at the completion of deadlines or goals. Dividing the entire course work into small, achievable portions is a very useful attention-increasing technique (elearningindustry.com, 2016). These techniques are highly individualistic. Identifying and incorporating those attention-increasing techniques while studying will help the learners stay motivated and focused.

7. Always Keep "The Big Picture" In Mind

It is easy to be lost and distracted during the duration of one’s engagement in the entire process of eLearning. The feeling of isolation and a lack of consistent motivation may make the learner go off-track. However, the learners must try to keep the big picture in mind in times like these. They must remember that undertaking these courses would make them more skilled and knowledgeable, which would improve their career prospects and future earnings. Keeping the big picture in mind is a great method of staying motivated and inspired.

8. Connect And Associate Learning To Life

Connecting and associating the things learnt to one's everyday life or work will make one see the information learnt as meaningful. This creation of "meaningfulness" would automatically make one more curious and interested in the stuff learnt. It is human tendency to be interested in the things that we find meaningful and useful. Applying the information learnt in everyday life, discussing it with other people, or helping someone else learn the same can help in the creation of "association" between online learning and real life, as well as the consequent "‘meaningfulness". This is a very useful technique to help the learners stay inspired and motivated during the duration of eLearning or distance learning.

9. Engage In Study Groups

Study groups are a great way to remain dedicated and focused in the course one is engaged in. These groups have a common subject of study, and they may either function as an online group or as a real group. Working together not only infuses inspiration and dedication in the learners involved, but also helps them understand things better. The learners may take turns to explain the bits and portions that they may have understood better than the rest of the people in the group. Provisions like answering questions of fellow group members and attempting to clarify their doubts eventually benefit all members.

10. Make These Simple Lifestyle Changes

Simple lifestyle changes like avoiding late nights or not skipping breakfast can go a long way in helping one stay dedicated and motivated. Waking up early, eating a healthy breakfast, exercising for a couple of minutes daily, staying hydrated, and getting proper sleep are some crucial lifestyle changes that learners must employ for staying consistently motivated (Aceonlineschools.com, 2016).



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