Easy Remote Trainings With Kadrige iSharing App

Easy Remote Trainings With Kadrige iSharing App

To face these increasing trends, companies must have appropriate structure and tools. To fit this need, Kadrige, a Paris based company, developed an application called Kadrige iSharing. Kadrige iSharing was born with the need for mobile collaboration and interaction between employees.

Kadrige has been specialized in publishing web applications for mobility purpose for more than 10 years and developed this app on iOS when it realized that companies were buying extensive amounts of iPads: 90% of Fortune 500 companies were deploying or testing iPads in 2012 according to Mubaloo, and tablet adoption have grown by almost 40% in 2016 according to a report published by Javelin Strategy & Research.

The App

Kadrige iSharing enables companies to run interactive remote and online trainings from anywhere at any time with a low bandwidth.

The app is easy to use. Download it on your iPad from the Kadrige iSharing HD App and log in. Then, to start a training session, simply create a new session, select the content you want to present, invite up to 200 trainees and schedule your class. In a few taps, you can start your class.

Kadrige iSharing start a training session

Some of your trainees may not own an iPad. Kadrige thought of it and developed a web application that enables a participant to attend the training session via a recent web browser supporting HTML 5.

Kadrige iSharing is an app specially designed for situations of mobility (even if it works perfectly if you’re not mobile). It embeds a technology that only needs a few bytes to make the app work. How so? By joining the session in advance, you will download the shared content on your iPad and the only data sent during the training will be for synchronization purposes. The contents remain of the best quality since they are downloaded in advance and they won’t be twitchy at all!

What’s really collaborative about this app is that any participant on an iPad can ask to control the session and annotate the presentation in real time with a complete toolbox, every participant seeing the annotations on their iPad. This app then becomes really interactive and a trainer can engage his trainees very easily this way by emphasizing a specific point of the presentation for example.

Any trainer needs to have feedback from his trainees or ask a question to assess the retention of the information provided. Kadrige included in Kadrige iSharing a poll module with which you can ask different types of questions and get statistics on the answers. If the results are not good enough to carry on you training, you can therefore spend more time on what was not well understood.

An audio module is embedded in the app and since Kadrige iSharing uses only a tiny part of the bandwidth, what remains can be dedicated to the audio. The trainer can directly speak to his trainees and these lattes can ask for the microphone and thus speak to the trainer as well as to the other participants.

What’s also really appealing in this app is the cost: since it needs a low bandwidth to work, the consumption of your data plan won’t rocket if you’re mobile! No need to renew it after every session and you know it can be very expensive in some countries.

Wrap it up

With the possibility to invite up to 200 trainees and the potential to go much higher, Kadrige iSharing is a very effective app to organize your training, coaching sessions or any kind of learning related sessions. All you need is an Internet connection and it doesn’t matter if it’s low. Trainees can attend sessions from literally anywhere as long as they have an Internet connection which makes Kadrige iSharing ideally suited for companies that need to train staff geographically spread.

For more information, watch the video presenting Kadrige iSharing

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