Educational Technology In Developing Countries: Are Developing Countries Ready For EdTech?

Educational Technology In Developing Countries: Are Developing Countries Ready For EdTech?
Summary: In this article, I will discuss how establishing an educational partnership among countries can be beneficial to all.

Educational Technology In Developing Countries

eLearning offers a global connection! No one can deny the powerful presence of modern technology around the world. Anywhere you go, you see people using it. In just a few years time, and we won't find any place where a notebook, a cellular phone, or a tablet won’t be present.

People are interacting from the USA to India, from Brazil to the Philippines, from Germany to Japan, and so on… Daily, these devices are being improved by professionals in the field. So, in reality, we cannot imagine where this development will actually go! What we do know, though, is that these devices are helping people around the world to learn!

Distance Learning Is The Best Way!

Yes, distance learning has been proving itself to be the best way of learning, especially in cases in which teachers cannot be present in what we call "presential classes"! The best example lies in those countries which go through a developing phase and still don’t have technological devices to work with. They just have a blackboard, paper books and a teacher in the classroom, using a conventional way of teaching and learning.

In The USA Education Is A Tradition!

Since progress is reaching all people across the globe, these developing countries will surely participate in this technological revolution in the future too! There are countries which have already turned to the vital habit of studying. Take for instance the USA. We could say, people in this country almost study "by tradition"! Indeed, from primary school to college, they follow an educational line, which is passed on from one generation to the next. Therefore, its fantastic intellectual progress isn't a coincidental result! They study today, and they teach tomorrow following a great and continuing transference of knowledge!

Rich Countries Helping Developing Ones!

In my second article "eLearning In Developing Countries: Can Rich Countries Help?" I have already talked about this and explained that developing countries will surely add themselves to this modern methodology of teaching and learning. This will probably happen with the help and contribution of those teachers visiting from abroad. Those teachers will be able to provide all the necessary information on eLearning! The tradition of studying will be inculcated in them, step by step, till it becomes a habit!

Of course, powerful companies from abroad can also contribute positively to helping these developing countries, by employing natives to fabricate technological devices and helping these people face their financial difficulties.

Promoting education will be, of course, an intelligent and a brilliant strategy in order to develop meaningful technological businesses. This visionary philosophy can become a reality only if rich countries, and their professional experts in the field, really decide to expand and fix this educational methodology.

We cannot forget the history of the United States of America! We cannot forget the pioneers! From a humble beginning to an actual, amazing development, the USA has proved that it is totally possible for a country to prepare and send men to the moon!

Following the strategy mentioned above will surely feel like a dream comes true to these developing countries since they have been living in "blindness" for so many centuries now, without achieving any desirable human progress. Perhaps, we will be able to witness tribal regions preparing their folks to participate in special courses. We may meet amazing philosophers. We will surely find amazing scientists from all possible areas! From primary school to college (the same way it happens in the USA), we will realize that an educational tradition is starting to establish itself among those people coming from developing countries!

Like strong and positive energy, communication among people in its many levels, in its many particularities, is pointing towards a new age! We will be informed about places where people are using advanced technology, places which we had never thought of before! Distant learning, or else eLearning, will become so common, and the world won’t be the same.

Technological Programs And Devices!

Adobe Reader, PowerPoint, and many others programs will become known in distant lands; they will be used in notebooks, cellular phones, and tablets. Through this extraordinary educational method of teaching and learning, the age of obscurity will end for many countries. Then, they will be rising to a bright expectancy of a bright future. Teachers and students will be celebrating this happening, powerful companies and employees will be managing their growth, and we won’t be talking about ignorance anymore, especially when it comes to developing countries around the globe! We will be able to say – at last, that the future has come, so extraordinary and unforgettable, the future has come!!!