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Digital Marketing Manager at Docebo
Dario De Angelis is Digital Marketing Manager at Docebo. With a background in engineering, Dario now specializes in digital marketing and is focused on: web marketing, social media communications, and front-end programming. You can connect with him on twitter @astro_dario or LinkedIn.
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August 11, 2014

LMS Scalability: What You Need To Know!

Scalability is one of the most sought-after requirements when it comes to selecting a Learning Management System today. In this blog post we will look at this concept and why it’s important to have a system that can adapt to changes in the corporation and corporate training programs.
July 2, 2014

Blended Learning For Corporate Training

Nowadays technology offers many ways to help people really understand and learn, rather than simply going through the motions of learning (and sooner or later forgetting) training material. While many find elearning a very useful and efficient instrument for self-development and professional training, sometimes it’s not enough. That’s the reason why blended learning was born.
April 29, 2014 | Sponsored

Looking Into The eLearning Future: 10 Must-Not-Miss eLearning Facts

It is very difficult to make predictions and know in advance what the future will bring. Luckily there are eLearning experts that help make our lives easier. The following infographic is based on a rock solid eLearning industry market report created by eLearning analyst Valentina Piccioli of Docebo. If you want to read the “Elearning market report, trends and forecast 2014-2016” you can still download it for free.