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Founder and CEO, GamEffective
GamEffective, a leading workforce performance gamification company, helping companies engage employees for better motivation and learning. GamEffective is a Gartner 2016 Cool Vendor in Human Resource Management.
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July 20, 2016 | Sponsored

10 Surprising Benefits Of Gamification

Gamification isn't just about rapid consumption of microlearning modules or supercharging employee performance. Not even about “fun” style of Pokemon Go. It also has significant effects on corporate culture and workplace design. Here are 10 of the most surprising benefits of gamification.
June 8, 2016

5 Enterprise Gamification Books To Read

Enterprise gamification books are bound to be interesting. The reason is that gamification ties into the basic of behavior and human drive - and at the same time can lead to better business results at work. This article recommends five great reads about gamification and what makes us tick.
April 11, 2015

4 Secret Tips For Gamifying Call Center Onboarding

Remember your first few days on the job? Terrifying to say the least. Onboarding makes the transition into work simpler and ensures employees have the basic skills they need. This article gives readers 4 tips for new employee onboarding, using call center employee onboarding as an example.
February 6, 2015

Can HR Software Become a FitBit? And Gamification?

Mark Andreessen said in 2011 that software is eating the world. It certainly is – even in sectors where it was not considered an option - and it seems that together with cultural changes emanating from the wearable technology world, software is going to eat HR too, changing performance management and creating a new role for enterprise gamification.