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Leaving the United States to come to Korea to pursue my passion for education absolutely changed my life. I am currently an English as a Second Language Instructor. My responsibilities have included choosing curriculum and implementing an after-school English enrichment program for Grade 1 - Grade 6 students, creating lesson plans, teaching immersion style English classes, managing students,reviewing student performance, and grading weekly journal responses. My employers have used a combination of online and in classroom teaching materials to expose the students to English. I have a wealth of experience with Public Speaking, Discipline Management, Curriculum Development, Team Building, Proof Reading, and Editing. I am currently pursuing my Masters of Science in Instructional Technology at the University of Wyoming.

eLearning Articles by James Robert Finder

Blended Learning Best Practices In An Elementary School EFL Classroom

Blended Learning Best Practices In An Elementary School EFL Classroom

Monday, 27 January 2014 by James Robert Finder

A first hand account of the best practices taught in e-Learning applied to a blended elementary school EFL classroom in…

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Book Review: The Power of Role-Based e-Learning

Thursday, 23 January 2014 by James Robert Finder

An informative review of The power of role-based e-learning: designing and moderating online role play. This text provides a great…