3 Ways eLearning Can Increase Your Salary

3 Ways eLearning Can Increase Your Salary
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Summary: Do you want a higher salary? Well, guess what—eLearning can help.

Want To Earn More Money? 3 Ways eLearning Can Increase Your Salary

Let’s face it: a lot of Americans aren’t making enough to do much more than scrape by. In 2013, someone without a college degree wasn’t likely to break $40,000 annually. Before the internet became a central part of society, it wasn’t always easy to develop the skills and education you needed to get a higher salary. If you didn’t have the money to go to college or pursue formal training, you didn’t have many options.

Although it still takes a lot of work (and yes, sometimes it’s still an investment), it’s never been easier to develop the knowledge you need to demand a higher salary. eLearning, which is simply learning using digital mediums without a traditional classroom component, is quickly growing in popularity. eLearning allows people to take courses, get certified, and even earn degrees online. There are lots of different ways to learn, some of which are inexpensive or even free. These online courses and programs can help you gain the skills you need to level up your salary and career.

So what are some of the ways eLearning help you upgrade your life and earn you what you deserve? Here are 3 options that will allow you to take advantage of the convenience of eLearning and advance your career.

1. Take eLearning Courses To Enhance Your Current Skills

The modern world demands different skillsets than the ones that were expected a few decades ago. Whether your skills are out of date, you’re looking to shift careers, or you just want to be more marketable to employers, learning a new skill with eLearning courses can help you succeed.

If you want to make more money, then you should consider gaining skills in in-demand areas that have higher average salaries. Employers are looking for people who have skills in coding, voice search, web development, and data science. Data science, which is one of the hottest jobs out there, commands median salaries of $91,000, and the years of experience needed is dropping over time.

The courses you take don’t necessarily have to lead to a degree or certification. Just learning certain skills, like Project Management, could increase your salary by as much as 7%. Although it’s nice to have that certification to put on your resume, many employers are more interested in what you can do that in what you studied. It’s always a good idea to continue learning and keeping your skills up to date.

2. Get Certified

Although certification doesn’t matter to some employers, for others (especially companies that receive a large number of applications), it’s a big deal. These companies don’t just want individuals to claim to be great at what they do—they want certifications to prove it. Some industries also have certification requirements that employers must follow to ensure that consumers are protected.

eLearning platforms can help you train for certification exams in careers that could end up paying off big time. Take software development, for example: median salaries are $102,280. Hot jobs in the healthcare industry can also be partially or fully completed online.

3. Become An eLearning Professional

eLearning isn’t just great for students—it can be a very lucrative and interesting field to work in. Median salaries are high and job opportunities are expected to grow 13% over the next decade. If you like to help others learn, and you’re interested in this growing industry, it could be a great career option.

If you’re thinking about dipping your toe into this field, there are several directions you could go. You could see if you enjoy the teaching aspect of eLearning or get behind the scenes and into a job as an Instructional Design Coordinator. It’s important to remember that if you want to break into the industry, you may need to gain some new skills. Thanks to eLearning, that can be the easy part.

Learning Your Way With eLearning

With thousands of subjects for study available online, you can tailor an education for yourself that suits your career and interests. If you want to make more money, don’t just sit and wait for your boss to give you a raise. Be proactive. Make sure you’re getting the skills that get you noticed with eLearning. And if you’re over your current job? eLearning can help you get out of there and into a satisfying job with a large paycheck.