2016 Winter Global Online-Distance Education Symposium

University of Riverside is a private international university located in Southern California. We offer various academic programs from the Bachelor to Doctorate degree levels, through the School of Business and the School of Education.
Dates 26 Feb 2016 12:00 am (UTC -8) 27 Feb 2016 12:00 am (UTC -8)
Place (View On Map) University of Riverside

We would like to extend our warmest invitation to you to participate in the Global Online-Distance Education Symposium 2016.

A wide spectrum of professionals in online/distance education, experienced as well as entry level professionals should attend the conference. We expect representation from organizations worldwide.

Global Online-Distance Education Symposium 2016 Objectives


  • Discuss critical success factors and innovative practices in online/distance education and training.
  • Examine the key components of effective applications: needs analysis, course design, teaching methods, active learning, learner support, management, policy, and evaluation.
  • Share successful approaches, strategies, and techniques.
  • Identify active teaching/learning methods for effective engagement, motivation, and performance outcomes.
  • Discuss major issues, new developments, and trends.


  • Reflect on progress made in online/distance education.
  • Consider future possibilities for online/distance education.
  • Increase knowledge about teaching/training related to online/distance education.


  • Facilitate networking among online/distance educators, practitioners and administrators.
  • Share program resources via technology (e.g., print, audio, video, multimedia, and the Internet).

Global Online-Distance Education Symposium 2016 Topics

Conference topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Open Education
  • Management Approaches
  • Economic Problems
  • Theoretical Perspective
  • Providing Quality
  • Legal Arrangements
  • Online/ Distance Education
  • Interaction Strategies
  • Virtual Communities/Cultures
  • Virtual University
  • Intelligent Tutorial Systems
  • Evaluation Approaches
  • Learning and Teaching
  • Constructivist Approaches
  • Learnings Styles
  • Collaboration Based Teams
  • Instructional Designs and Improvements of Teaching Systems
  • Learning Needs
  • Feedbacks Systems
  • Innovative Learning/Teaching Strategies
  • Assessment-Evaluation
  • Teaching Environments
  • Authoring Systems
  • Visual Literacy
  • Multimedia Environment Application
  • Interface-learner Interaction
  • Integrated Learning Perspective
  • Tendencies in the Field of Education Communication and its Technology
  • Job Possibilities
  • Technological Equipment
  • Changing Qualification
  • New roles for learners and teachers

2016 Winter Global Online-Distance Education Symposium will be held at the University of Riverside on February 26-27, 2016.

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