2018 Realities360 Pre-Conference Workshops

Learn from the pros already working with AR, VR, and simulations during four Pre-Conference Certificate Workshops. This is your chance to expand your experience and take the time to explore a specific topic in-depth.
Dates 25 Jun 2018 8:30 am (UTC -7) 25 Jun 2018 4:30 pm (UTC -7)
Place (View On Map) Fairmont San Jose

Optional Realities360 Pre-Conference Workshops

Optional pre-conference workshops offer a deep-dive into new skills and knowledge that you can immediately put to work in your organization. All participants will receive a certificate documenting their participation in the workshops from The eLearning Guild.

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Creating eLearning Simulations With Unity 3D

In this hands-on workshop, you’ll learn to use Unity 3D to create engaging simulations that are not only great training tools, but far more engaging than traditional approaches. You’ll explore how you can use Unity 3D to develop simple process simulations, tool simulations, and even gamified knowledge assessments. While some coding is required, there’s a great amount you can do with Unity 3D with only minimal skills. When you complete this session, you’ll be able to create some simple simulations on your own and you’ll be ready to expand your skills to complex solutions.

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Building Easy And Effective Augmented Reality For Training

In this hands-on workshop, you will look at the process of incorporating Augmented Reality (AR) into your training and development. You will build multiple projects and talk about how and where they fit into your training development. Projects in this workshop are designed for all experience levels. You will explore free and user-friendly AR development and sharing tools during builds. You will learn best practices for content creation, multimedia use, and learner engagement. You’ll leave this workshop with AR project examples and additional resources that you can use to kick-start AR development back at your organization.

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Prototyping And Creating VR 360° Video Experiences

In this workshop, you will participate in a design thinking and prototyping activity in the morning and have the opportunity to create a small VR 360 project in the afternoon. Through reviewing carefully curated case studies from existing projects, participants will deconstruct and share mapping diagrams on the creative process behind these experiences. You will discuss the challenges of creating presence in high-end VR and how to foster a sense of embodiment, agency, space, and interactivity. You will walk away from this session with a new toolset of both design insights and application skills.

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Creating Augmented Reality Learning Experiences For iOS Devices With Apple's ARKit

This hands-on workshop will get you started developing iOS apps that leverage ARKit functionality. You will learn how to build AR learning experiences for iPhones and iPads, reaching millions of users with devices they already have. You will also receive resources and sample files that you can use long after the all-day session is over. NOTE: In order to use Apple ARKit, you need to have a Mac with Xcode installed. Windows devices will not work for development.

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