3rd World Conference On Blended Learning

The IABL2018 Conference, the 3rd World Conference on Blended Learning cordially invites researchers, teachers, professors, administrators, trainers and technology experts from all educational sectors and a broad variety of industries.
Dates 18 Apr 2018 9:00 am (UTC +2) 21 Apr 2018 6:00 pm (UTC +2)
Place (View On Map) Warsaw University

 Thorough Discussion On Blended Learning In The IABL2018 Conference

The IABL2018 Conference, the 3rd World Conference on Blended Learning is organized by the International Association for Blended Learning (IABL) and Institute of Applied Linguistics University of Warsaw (ILS UW). The conference organizers cordially invite researchers, teachers, professors, administrators, trainers, and technology experts to present the latest blended learning solutions, as well as to discuss and exchange the latest findings and new ideas based on the ongoing research, practice, and experience. We would like to invite contributions from across the globe, from all educational sectors and a broad variety of industries.

We are inviting submissions of high-quality original research and technology papers that have not been previously published and are not under review for any other conference or journal. Submissions will be reviewed by at least two referees on the basis of the originality of the work, the validity of the results, chosen methodology, writing quality and the overall contribution to the field of blended learning.

Virtual Presenters In The 3rd World Conference On Blended Learning

IABL2018 is a blended conference and invites both face-to-face and virtual presenters. The virtual presentations are delivered by presenters who cannot attend the conference in person but whose papers have been accepted (in keeping with the Submission Guidelines) for IABL2018. Each virtual presentation consists of three elements: (1) a pre-recorded video (paper presentation), (2) 10-15 minute synchronous presenter-audience chat via Skype, (3) subsequent online discussion (closed after 48 hours from the scheduled presentation unless otherwise requested by the presenter). Virtual presenters are required to submit their proposal using the same guidelines as face-to-face presenters. Virtual presenters can choose from the following three categories: long paper, short paper, and industry showcases/practitioners presentation. All blended sessions are moderated by a session chair to ensure optimal interaction between the virtual presenter and the audience.

The topics of interest can go beyond the conference theme, and can include any of the following:

  • Pedagogy of blended learning
  • Blended learning in practice
  • Design of blended learning
  • Technology in blended learning
  • Future of blended learning
  • Blended approach to corporate training
  • Blended learning for special needs learners
  • Blended learning in language acquisition
  • Blended learning in K-12
  • Blended learning in higher education
  • Blended learning for development / in developing countries
  • Blended learning in teacher professional development
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