4 Steps To Grow Your School's Enrollment

Do you want to attract more students to your school? Tune in a 30-Minute webinar with Joseph Makki, scheduled for the 18th of February, 2017.
Dates 18 Feb 2017 1:00 pm (UTC -5) 18 Feb 2017 2:00 pm (UTC -5)
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Grow Your School In A 30-Minute Webinar With Joseph Makki

Ridvan Aliu (CEO @ EDUonGo) will be joined by a special guest Joseph Makki (Higher Ed director of education and operations management) on the topic Grow Your School.

Ridvan has helped schools enroll over schools enroll 200,000+ students with EDUonGo!

Joseph is an energetic, problem-solving leader who helps assess and revive educational organizations. He will give us an inside look into the strategies behind student growth.

Here are the steps Ridvan and Joseph will cover during a 30 minutes webinar and Q&A for the rest of the time.

  1. Find your SWEET SPOT
    What is your school known for? Is it business, computer science, medicine, psychology?
    We help your staff narrow down a subject, create your online branded academy, and digitalize four specific courses. We will also coach a selected number of your instructors to deliver lessons online.
  2. Build a COMMUNITY
    This is the essentials of our successful campaigns.
  3. Establish TRUST
    Open communication is a critical part of earning students’ trust. With EDUonGo, we provide the tools you need to interact with students, monitor their progress, and collect feedback.
  4. Switch to ENROLLMENT
    Here is the best part :)
    Enrollment into your regular courses is AUTOMATED.
    At the end of each FREE course, an application form will prompt students to enroll for PAID courses.
    All you’ll need to do is watch the enrollment list grow!

Tune in to learn how to…

  • Build a Community
  • Establish Trust
  • Increase Enrollment

Looking forward to this! Hope you can join me.

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