Lambda Solutions Webinar - 5 Steps For Data-Driven Learning

Join a Lambda Solutions Webinar on May 24th to discover 5 steps for building a data-driven learning model to improve learning performance!
Dates 24 May 2017 10:00 am (UTC -7) 24 May 2017 11:00 am (UTC -7)
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Live Webinar: 5 Steps For Data-Driven Learning

Data-driven learning is the key factor in optimizing learning and training programs for learner success. By gaining a more holistic view of how learners engage in their online programs, organizations can get a better picture of how effective their learning programs really are. Armed with this information, measurable improvements can be made across learning and training initiatives. Your organization can achieve a deeper understanding of the usage, effectiveness, and success of their programs, and how they directly impact learning performance.

Join our learning analytics expert, Stewart Rogers, to discover 5 steps for building a data-driven learning model to improve learning performance.

Register for this webinar to learn:

  • How to make analytics part of the fabric of daily operations
  • Access robust reporting and analytics solutions
  • Establish shared goals throughout your department hierarchy
  • Ensure continuous training and coaching of core analytics skills
  • Track the right metrics and make data-driven decisions

About Stewart Rogers

Stewart is an experienced product management professional with over 15 years in the tech sector. At Lambda Solutions he leads product development of next generation solutions for learning and talent management. His approach is to engage customers throughout the development process using instantaneous feedback to ensure solutions exceed expectations. Prior to Lambda, Stewart was the Director of Product Management at Logibec Inc. where he led the Workforce Management solution development.

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