AIED 2015

17th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Education (AIED 2015) is the next in a longstanding series of biennial international conferences for high quality research in intelligent systems and cognitive science for educational computing applications.
Dates 22 Jun 2015 12:00 am (UTC +2) 26 Jun 2015 12:00 am (UTC +2)
Place (View On Map) University City of Madrid

AIED 2015 provides opportunities for the cross-fertilization of approaches, techniques and ideas from the many fields that comprise Artificial Intelligence in Education.

Topics of AIED 2015

Topics of interest to the conference include, but are not limited to:

  • Intelligent Technologies: Natural language processing; Data mining and machine learning; Knowledge representation and reasoning; Semantic web technologies and standards; Simulation-based learning; Multi-agent architectures
  • Modelling and Representation: Models of learners, facilitators, tasks and problem-solving processes; Models of groups and communities for learning; Modelling motivation, metacognition, and affective aspects of learning; Ontological modelling; Handling uncertainty and multiple perspectives; Representing and analysing discourse during learning.
  • Models of Teaching and Learning: Intelligent tutoring and scaffolding; Motivational diagnosis and feedback; Interactive pedagogical agents and learning companions; Agents that promote metacognition, motivation and affect; Adaptive question-answerin.
  • Learning Contexts and Informal Learning: Educational games; Collaborative and group learning; Social networks; Inquiry learning; Social dimensions of learning; Communities of practice; Ubiquitous learning environments; Learning grid; Lifelong, museum, out-of-school, and workplace learning.
  • Evaluation: Evaluation methodologies; Studies on human learning, cognition, affect, motivation, and attitudes; Design and formative studies of AIED systems.
  • Innovative Applications: Domain-specific learning applications (e.g. language, mathematics, science, medicine, military, industry); Scaling up and large-scale deployment of AIED systems.

AIED 2015 Invited Speakers

  • Pierre Dillenbourg
    Professor of learning technologies at Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL) and academic director of the Center for Digital Education. Former teacher in elementary school, Pierre graduated in educational science (University of Mons, Belgium).
  • Bror Saxberg
    Responsible for the research and development of innovative learning strategies, technologies and products across Kaplan's full range of educational services offerings. He also oversees future developments and adoptions of innovative learning technologies and maintains consistent academic standards for Kaplan's products and courses.
  • Vania Dimitrova
    Associate Professor at the School of Computing, the University of Leeds, UK. She is a member of the Artificial Intelligence Group where she leads the research activity on user-adaptive intelligent systems, focusing on knowledge-enriched user modelling and adaptation, crowdwisdom, interactive data exploration, knowledge capture and ontological modelling.

The 17th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Education (AIED 2015) will take place in Madrid, Spain, in June 22 - 26, 2015.

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