AITD 2015

Australian Institute of Training and Development Annual National Conference 2015 (AITD 2015) will be held at the Australian Technology Park on May 13 - 14,2015.
Dates 13 May 2015 12:00 am (UTC +10) 14 May 2015 12:00 am (UTC +10)
Place (View On Map) Australian Technology Park

The AITD 2015 National Conference is the learning and development event of the year.

AITD's Annual National Conference has developed a reputation for providing delegates with high quality, dynamic presentations on an exciting range of innovative topics.

10 reasons to register AITD 2015

  1. Prepare for the future
    What is the future of learning and development? What skills do learning and development professionals need, now and in the years to come? How do we innovate, learn and connect? All of these questions and more will be answered by speakers at the 2015 AITD National Conference.
  2. High Quality Presenters
    Speakers presenting at the conference are chosen based on their expertise and recognition as thought leaders in their field. You will get big ideas not big sales pitches. Presenters at the 2015 AITD National Conference include Ben Betts, Alistair Rylatt, Joyce Seitzinger, Michelle Ockers, Helen Blunden, Anne Bartlett-Bragg, Emma Weber, Marc Ratcliffe and more.
  3. Get a new perspective on your work
    The 2015 AITD National Conference will provide you with tangible take aways that you can implement at your workplace. Case studies from leading companies, panel discussions, keynote addresses and opportunities to discuss what you’ve learned with fellow delegates, will give you new ideas, different viewpoints and challenge your thinking.
    Many learning and development conferences have a narrow focus on one or two key areas. The AITD National Conference has a reputation for delivering something for everyone – from Trainers to Instructional Designers to Human Resources Advisers to Chief Learning Officers. The program deliberately covers a range of topics so you will gain broad exposure to the latest theories, tools, technologies and practices.
    Topics include: collaborative learning; disruptive technologies; creating a dynamic learning culture; preparing for workforce 2020; the manager's role in learning; digital badges; elearning via any device; next generation skills for L&D professionals; and much, much more!
  4. Return to the office with renewed energy and inspiration
    Taking time out of your workplace to learn, think and reflect is an important for your professional development. Being in a proactive, supportive and innovative learning environment like the AITD National Conference, is a great way to get inspired and enthusiastic about challenges you may be facing in your role or workplace. Take that enthusiasm back to the office and inspire those around you with all that you’ve learned.
  5. Discover new tools, products and services
    The AITD National conference exhibitors will be on hand to discuss the latest products, tools and services for learning and development professionals that can assist in individual and organisation job performance. Make contacts, try new things, explore opportunities at the conference exhibition.
  6. Build your personal learning network
    The AITD National Conference attracts training, learning and development professionals from all across Australia and the Asia Pacific. Connect with likeminded professionals informally or through facilitated networking opportunities and meet ups. Cultivate conversations, explore business opportunities and form lasting professionals relationships. Meet your personal learning network face-to-face in Sydney.
  7. Dive deep into key areas of interest
    Adding a full-day post-conference workshop to your conference experience will allow you to immerse yourself in a particular topic of interest. There are a range of topics to choose from, presented by leading professionals, and it is a great way to round out your professional development.
  8. Fulfil your organisation’s commitment to learning
    Change can happen at lightning speed in many industries but this is becoming particularly true in training, learning and development. By attending the AITD National Conference you are able to identify new trends and stay ahead of these changes. You and your organisation will benefit from your commitment to ongoing professional development.
  9. Contribute to the learning of others
    In addition to taking your knowledge back to your workplace, you can contribute to the learning of others during the AITD National Conference. Participate in the conference backchannel by tweeting, share, and contributing your ideas to discussions and open forums. Why not write about your conference experience for the AITD magazine, your blog or your company’s intranet?
  10. Have fun
    Participate in the social aspects of the AITD National Conference and enjoy yourself. Whether having coffee with colleagues during session breaks, attending the complementary evening drinks function at the conference venue, or catching up with an old friend for dinner after the conference, there are plenty of ways for you to relax and reflect. Travelling from overseas or interstate? Why not add an extra day or two to your trip to explore Sydney and the local area.

Keynote speakers

  • Ben Betts, entrepreneur and technologist, specialising in the application of social and peer-to-peer learning in organisations
  • Rob Wilkins, Head of Learning and Development at Aussie Home Loans
  • Joyce Seitzinger, learning designer and education technologist with 16 years experience in online education, in corporate and educational environments
  • Alastair Rylatt has 30 years experience of creating high performing workplaces and teams
  • Anne Bartlett-Bragg, Managing Director of Ripple Effect Group Asia Pacific, a leading social business consultancy company specialising in the SE Asian region.

AITD 2015 will be held at the Australian Technology Park (Sydney, Australia) on May 13 - 14,2015.

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