Essentials Of Storyboarding For eLearning

Document your design for maximum efficiency. Join this ATD online workshop on Essentials Of Storyboarding For eLearning, scheduled for 6-20 June, 2017.
Dates 06 Jun 2017 12:00 pm (UTC -4) 20 Jun 2017 1:30 pm (UTC -4)
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ATD Online Workshop On Essentials Of Storyboarding For eLearning

You need a plan every time you create something. If you’re building a house, you need blueprints. If you’re making a meal, you need a recipe. E-learning planning is no different, and that’s where the storyboard comes in. The storyboard is the planning document that maps out your instructional design in preparation for the development phase of the e-learning project. Discover how implementing a storyboard process can increase workflow efficiency and manage stakeholder expectations.

Learn the essential best practices and methods for storyboarding your e-learning designs, including using various templates, visual storyboards, style guides, and tips for setting up a storyboard specific for an authoring tool. Focus on the fundamentals of storyboarding as an art rather than a rule, and acquire the processes you can implement to be more efficient and quicken the e-learning development time.

Learning Objectives

After this ATD online workshop on Essentials Of Storyboarding For eLearning, you will be able to:

  • Explain the progression of the storyboard.
  • Describe the various types and templates of storyboards.
  • Define what goes into a storyboard.
  • Create a visual storyboard.
  • Produce a storyboard style guide.
  • Assemble a storyboard workbook.

Why You Should Attend

  • Apply new tips and techniques to your existing storyboarding process.
  • Assess the benefits of storyboarding and why stakeholders will value the efforts.
  • Discuss and defend the value of an effective documentation process for e-learning projects.

What To Expect

  • Interactive Format: During this online workshop, you will collaborate in real time with your facilitator and classmates through interactive group discussions, polls, chats, and whiteboards design sessions.
  • Supplemental Resources: This workshop includes electronic tools and templates to help you apply what you learned.
  • Technical Requirements: Each session of the workshop is conducted in the WebEx Training Center platform with a toll-free teleconference or VoIP option for the audio component. Special software is not required. You only need a standard web browser and telephone or VoIP capability to participate.  In addition, it is strongly recommended to use a desktop or laptop computer as using a tablet or phone severely limits your ability to fully and actively participate in the program.

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