Blended Learning 2015 Summit

Blended Learning 2015 Summit Sydney, Australia - Learn how to better utilize existing technology to improve student achievement. Register by end-of-day this Friday August 21, to save $1,100* on your Blended Learning 2015 registration with the Super Early discount.
Dates 27 Oct 2015 12:00 am (UTC +11) 28 Oct 2015 12:00 am (UTC +11)
Place (View On Map) Fraser Suites Sydney

Blended Learning 2015 Summit - Learn how to better utilize existing technology to improve student results

The 4th Annual Blended Learning 2015 summit will provide strategies, case studies and detailed sessions from key note speakers about how to improve Student Engagement and Achievement through Digital Technology, Course Design and Innovative Teaching Methods. The conference has been specifically designed to address these challenges by delivering 20 successful case studies and practical strategies to better utilize existing technology and resources in designing innovative curriculum to engage what have been coined, the ‘digital natives’.

Register For Blended Learning 2015 Summit by this Friday To Save $1,100*!

Register by end-of-day this Friday August 21, to save $1,100* on your Blended Learning 2015 registration with the Super Early discount.

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Blended Learning 2015 Summit will be held on October 27 & 28 in Sydney, Australia and will be streamed to focus more specifically on front-line, academic interests, educational development and advances in technology. This annual event that is now in the fourth year has been designed to share best practice examples of how leading universities are improving student achievement by:

  • Upskilling and transforming teacher mindset to allow technology to enhance rather than replace their practice
  • Improving communication between academics and educational developers to better understand and utilise existing resources and technology to its full potential
  • Discovering the right balance of blended learning to improve student engagement and reduce cost
  • The effectiveness of flipped classrooms, learning analytics, e-learning and mobile learning in increasing student engagement

Download the Blended Learning 2015 Summit Agenda

Featuring 30 keynote speakers from UNSW, Monash University, UTS, UWS, and more, will present their findings on the most effective blended learning techniques and what has worked well, and what has failed during their transition to a more engaging faculty.

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