COIL 2015

The 7th Collaborative Online International Learning Conference (COIL 2015) is the leading international event in the field and brings together 250+ faculty, international programs staff, instructional technology staff, and university and college administrators from SUNY, across the U.S. and around the world to celebrate innovative models and best practices. The conference will take place at The SUNY Center, New York, on March 19-20, 2015.
Dates 19 Mar 2015 12:00 am (UTC ) 20 Mar 2015 12:00 am (UTC )
Place (View On Map) The SUNY Center

Scope of  the 7th Collaborative Online International Learning Conference (COIL 2015) is thinking differently about teaching and learning.

As the world becomes increasingly networked, higher education institutions seek ways to better prepare students to thrive in cross-cultural academic and professional environments. By reimagining education as a networked phenomenon, Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL)* has emerged as an innovative response to this need. In COIL courses, faculty from across borders co-create learning environments in which students gain valuable technological and cross-cultural competence, as well as hands-on experience collaborating with international peers. With continued expansion of practice, and growth of research on the COIL model across institutions, this year's conference will explore paths through which COIL is reaching new audiences, new regions, and new networks.

*The acronym COIL is used to refer to any pedagogical activities that use technology to link classrooms and students in geographically distant locations through coursework. Among the other terms used to describe such activity are globally networked learning, telecollaboration, online intercultural exchange, virtual exchange, virtual mobility, and Exchange 2.0.

This Year's Conference Topics and Themes for our International CFP

We invite proposals that broadly support this year’s conference themes for presentations based upon research and/or reflective practice in a range of formats. More details can be found on the CFP page.

  • Student Perspectives and Voices from COIL Exchanges and Experiences
  • New Ways to Link Institutional COIL Efforts: Regional Networks and Hubs
  • Role of COIL in Integrating Intercultural and Global Dimensions into the Curriculum
  • Best Practices for Growing, Sustaining and Normalizing COIL
  • What We Can Learn from Initiatives Similar to COIL from Outside the U.S.
  • COIL as a Portal for Increased Participation in Study Abroad
  • Role of Language and Language-Learning in COIL
  • Challenges and Benefits to the Ongoing Teaching of COIL Courses
  • COIL as a Venue for Digital Literacy, Virtual Teams and other 21st-Century Skills
  • Power Differentials and Hegemonies in COIL Collaborations
  • Global Citizenship, Service Learning and Social Justice through COIL
  • Researching COIL: Theoretical Frameworks and Methodological Approaches
  • Making Pedagogically Informed Choices About Technology in COIL
  • COIL as a Community: How Can We Systematically Share What We Have Learned?
  • COILing Pre-University Ed: Opportunities/Challenges at CCs, FATECs and CÉGEPs

Partnering Opportunities

Partnerships are at the heart of the COIL model. The conference includes a number of networking opportunities for both faculty and administrators designed specifically to foster the creation of partnerships at the event. This includes a special dedicated-space nicknamed the Networking Nook which will be available throughout the conference for informal meetings.

Registration Information

Please join us for an engaging and lively series of presentations and discussions on international online learning environments. The 2011-14 conferences filled to capacity, so we recommend registering early to avoid disappointment.

COIL 2015 conference will take place in The SUNY Center in 19-20 March, 2015

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