The Softer Side Of Compliance Training: Reimagining For Impact

Join us Wednesday, August 28th at 11 AM (MST) to discover how to fine-tune your compliance training content to align with your learners’ values and increase engagement and loyalty.
Dates 28 Aug 2019 11:00 am (UTC -6) 28 Aug 2019 12:00 pm (UTC -6)
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Making An Impact With Compliance Training

Have your organization’s compliance trainings ever been called “overwhelming,” “over-general,” “something to just get through,” or even “soulless”? If so, you’re sending the wrong message about your company and what it values, and missing the opportunity to use compliance training as a strategic initiative. Use compliance as a catalyst to increase performance outcomes and employee loyalty by showing that your company’s values and employees’ values align.

In this session, you will:

  • Analyze the unintended and potentially harmful messages sent by the common pitfalls of compliance programs.
  • Identify common ground between employee values and company values.
  • Implement design strategies that leverage employee values to create buy-in, engagement, motivation, and commitment amongst your learners.

Speakers: Jessie Wirkus & Brian Burningham

Jessie Leatham Wirkus is a Performance Consultant at AllenComm, where she works with clients to identify their organization’s most pressing performance and learning needs. Then she designs dynamic and impactful experiences to address them. She has worked with a range of clients from medium-sized sales companies to national financial institutions. Jessie’s life-long professional passions are researching, analyzing, and solving complex problems and her favorite contexts for indulging those passions are education and learning. Her current career, working with adults in professional settings, is enriched by over 10 years of experience convincing university students to care about their general–education writing and literature courses (she has a Ph.D. in English from UC Irvine). She loves delivering experiences that allow learners to see their world and their place in it in a new way.

Brian Burningham is a Senior Instructional Designer at AllenComm, where he works with clients to develop impactful learning experiences through engaging design. He has worked with a wide range of clients in various industries. He spent 10 years teaching in public schools, with an additional 5 years of experience working with adults as an adjunct instructor at a couple of local colleges. His education is in Psychology, with a Master’s Degree in Education.

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