Content Curation For Learning - Sydney, Australia

LearningCafe is running a 1 day experiential workshop on Content Curation and Dissemination where participants will be guided to use selected web-based applications to search, filter, evaluate and synthesise and manage information.
Dates 30 Nov 2017 8:30 am (UTC +11) 30 Nov 2017 4:00 pm (UTC +11)

1-day Workshop On Content Curation And Dissemination For Learning

One of the biggest challenges of our times is the explosion in the quantity and immediacy of the information available through the internet.

L&D has rapidly moved from a world of information scarcity to overload. 81% of L&D professionals consider curation a key part of their learning strategy and skill set. LearningCafe is running a workshop on popular demand.

In this experiential workshop, you will gain knowledge and build skills on Content Curation and Dissemination. Participants will be guided to use selected web-based applications to search, filter, evaluate and synthesise and manage information.

Why you or your team should attend?

  • Understand the science and process of curation.
  • Experience the human and tech components of curation.
  • Use a case study to analyse and build a content curation solution including the use of technology platforms.
  • Learn how to integrate curated content in current and new learning solutions.

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of the workshop, participants will:

  • Be able to describe the business need for content curation and dissemination in organisations.
  • Develop an appropriate and effective content curation strategy.
  • Develop skills to curate content effectively.
  • Select and use appropriate curation tools effectively.
  • Develop a plan of action to meet current and future requirements and vision for using curated content in Learning solutions.
  • Create and follow a Personal Development Plan to increase proficiency in content curation and dissemination.
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