e-Learning Horizons Forum

Join the e-Learning Horizons Forum which is scheduled for 11-12 April, 2016 and will be hosted at King Faisal Convention Center, Saudi Arabia. The e-Learning Horizons Forum is an event where educators will explore the potential of e-Learning...
Dates 11 Apr 2016 8:00 am (UTC +3) 12 Apr 2016 5:00 pm (UTC +3)

e-Learning Horizons Forum

The e-Learning Horizons Forum seeks to enable an informed and futuristic vision of e-Learning at King Abdulaziz University (KAU) and Saudi Public Education Schools by sharing research and best practices about e-Learning. The Forum’s primary audience are Saudi educators and students who are in need of access to successful experiences in the field of e-Learning. Various topics which are related to e-Learning design, development and assessment will be tackled during the two-days forum. There will be as well various workshops dealing with such topics as Open Educational Resources, e-Learning for special needs students, and best practices for LMS adoption. We want the e-Learning Horizons Forum to be an event where educators and students connect to explore the world of e-Learning and its potential.

About The Forum

In which the "e-Learning horizons" forum will be a window to the academic community of the founder's University, emphasizing the best practices in the e-Learning system.

The mission of the "e-Learning horizons" forum lies in building an academic community that is involved in the pursuit of excellence and innovation in the e-Learning field, particularly in order to provide quality and various learning opportunities for students of public and higher education in Saudi Arabia.

Goals Of Holding The "e-Learning Horizons" Forum

  1. Raising the efficiency of faculty members in e-Learning and distance education applications.
  2. Achieve quality and performance standards in e-Learning and distance education according to international best practices.
  3. Enhancing the community's trust in the outputs of distance education and e-Learning that is offered by the university.
  4. Achieve a quantum leap in scientific researches that are related to the e-Learning field.
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