eLBX Online 2020

Join eLearning Brothers for four days of virtual presentations from industry experts, covering all aspects of eLearning.
Dates 15 Sep 2020 8:30 am (UTC -6) 18 Sep 2020 1:00 pm (UTC -6)
Place (View On Map) Salt Lake City, UT

eLearning ELEVATED

Rock Out Virtually At eLBX Online 2020

Sept. 15 – 18 | FREE Conference!

Are you sitting down? We have some pretty big news. Registrations are now open for the second annual eLBX Online, happening online, everywhere, September 15 - 18!

What’s on the agenda for eLBX Online 2020?

Day 1 - Instructional Design & Development, Tuesday, September 15

  • Opening Keynote: James "The Iron Cowboy" Lawrence
    Guinness world record breaker, Redefine Impossible
  • How to Push for Quality,
    Misty Harding, Senior Learning Consultant
  • Getting Started with Mobile-first Development,
    Katie Stewart, eLearning Developer
    Jonica Rich, eLearning Developer
  • Building for Accessibility,
    John Holland, Customer Solutions Specialist
  • Advanced Development for eLearning Pros,
    Bill Milstid, Sr. Developer/Designer

Day 2 - Developing for Immersion & Engagement, Wednesday, September 16

  • Hit the Ground Running with Virtual Reality eLearning, Andrew Townsend, Campaign Marketing Manager
  • Hardware for VR - Easier Than You Think, John Blackmon, CTO
  • Boost Collaboration, Community And Connection In a Remote Work Environment, Stephen Baer, Co-Founder - The Game Agency / The Training Arcade®
  • Embedding Virtual Reality and Games Into a Course, Ryan Swigert, Sr. Solutions Consultant

Day 3 - Cutting Down Development Time, Thursday, September 17

  • How Templates and Assets Can Legitimately Save You Time,
    Bill Milstid, Sr. Developer/Designer
  • Quickly Create Highly Stylized Sketch Graphics Using Simple Tablet Tools, Rich Vass, VP, Customer Success
  • eLearning Brothers Hall of Fame: The Power of Custom Learning,
    Todd Cummings, CRO
  • Using Vendors for eLearning Development, Misty Harding, Senior Learning Consultant

Day 4 - How Users Experience Learning, Friday, September 18

  • eLearning Under the Hood, Sam Rogers, Global Learning Technology & Analytics Manager, ConvaTec
  • Using KnowledgeLink for your LMS/LXP, Jon Tota, Senior LMS/LXP Consultant
  • Empowering Cultural Evolution through eLearning Pathways, Jordan Morrow, Global Head of Data Literacy, Qlik | Head of the Advisory Board, Data Literacy Project
  • Creating Inclusive eLearning, Chris Willis, Director of Product Content

Visit eLBX Online 2020 and register to rock out virtually with us!

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