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Register for ELBX ONLINE 2022—two days of inspiring live presentations from experts on learning tech, gamification, and more. Join us for fun giveaways and a live JEOPARDY!® game at the end of each day. Stay tuned for the full speaker list.
Dates 26 Jul 2022 9:00 am (UTC -6) 28 Jul 2022 9:00 am (UTC -6)
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Get ready! ELBX ONLINE 2022 is back! Expect two days of cutting-edge presentations in one place for FREE. Experts from all over the world will share their secret winning strategies for learning-related topics such as learning technology, Extended Reality, gamification, accessibility, development, and more.

The event kicks off with Andrew Scivally, Founder of eLearning Brothers, now known as ELB Learning—followed by award-winning VR expert Jack Gaylor from the UK, and Karl Kapp on all things gamification.

Plus, hear from three high-profile CLOs about what to expect in tomorrow's economic climate. Experts are projecting tougher times ahead. What does that mean for you and the future of learning?

Need to let off steam? Join us for fun trivia games and awesome prizes. At the end of each day, we'll have fun giveaways and a live JEOPARDY!® game. Stay tuned for the full speaker list and more details. Don't miss out!

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