eLi4 2015: International Conference for e-Learning and Distance Education

The National Center for e-Learning and Distance Learning is organizing the Fourth International Conference for e-Learning and Distance Education. The pioneering event in an emerging global industry, will again gather leading educators, researchers, practitioners, investors, key decision-makers and end-users to share best practices, highlight key issues and present the latest developments in the fields of e-learning and distance education.
Dates 02 Mar 2015 10:00 am (UTC +3) 16 Mar 2014 5:00 pm (UTC +3)

The eLi4 2015 will open communication channels and establish the foundation for long-term common interests between experts and scientific centers, linking the best international and GCC minds in the field with their counterparts in Saudi Arabia.

"Innovative learning ... promising future" is the starting point for research and studies of modern and up-to-date ideas and experiences in e-learning and distance education applications and practices, and a catalyst for more creativity and innovation to create new ideas and experiences encouraging development and advancement of education. The modern outlook to k-societies requires a quest to develop digital content of education and activate its diversified tools, adopt innovative strategies of teaching and learning. Quality assurance in performance measurement and evaluation, however, remains the main focus and major element in all e-learning and distance education areas. Especially in light of the current trend towards the expansion of learning opportunities.

The National Center for e-Learning and Distance Learning of the Ministry of Higher Education of Saudi Arabia, plays a leading role in order to make a quantum leap to make e-learning and distance education a catalyst to participate in the development of education and improve performance by organizing eLi4 2015 international conference and exhibition, which seeks to bring together educators, researchers, practitioners, beneficiaries, decision-makers and e-learning and distance education users all under one roof to discuss learning, new innovative ideas and initiatives to open new horizons for promising future.

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