EUCIS-LLL Annual Conference "Lifelong learning: paving the way for learning and qualifications"

We are happy to invite you to our annual conference "Lifelong learning: Paving the way for learning and qualifications" which will take place on 16 June in Luxembourg. This conference will aim to assess progress and formulate recommendations on the future of EU and national learning strategies (ET2020 strategy) at a time when the EU is revising its own strategies and tools. By sharing their practices across sectors, participants will be able to find relevant partners for their own initiatives and gain innovative ideas in a "practice to policy approach". EUCIS-LLL Platform. Tuesday, 16 June 2015 from 09:00 to 18:00 (CEST). Luxembourg City, Luxembourg.
Dates 16 Jun 2015 9:00 am (UTC +2) 17 Jun 2015 5:00 pm (UTC +2)
Place (View On Map) Parc Hotel Alvisse, Route d'Echternach L-1453 Luxembourg

EUCIS-LLL Annual Conference "Lifelong learning: paving the way for learning and qualifications"

Because times are changing, learning is changing. The traditional school-work-retirement pattern is no longer the scheme to expect. Nowadays, most individuals undergo several transitions in their lives, going from work back to education, being in work and education simultaneously or volunteering, both in their home country and abroad. These changes have broadened the offer and scope of learning opportunities, e.g. in the field of digital technologies. If major steps have been made in favour of lifelong learning as an integrated vision of education, challenges still lie ahead of us, both in method and in policy.

Join us in an interactive debate on opening routes to learning and qualifications.

The Conference will be followed by an Erasmus+ training session.


  1. Towards a better recognition of non-formal and informal learning: changing mindsets and providing efficient solutions
  2. Tackling the low skills trap: towards successful outreach strategies and guidance/mentoring to improve educational success for all
  3. Bridging the gap between education and the labour market: why partnerships are needed and what ingredients make them happen
  4. Transversal skills and their assessment: what is the role of social and civic competences in modern societies?
  5. Digital pedagogy: enhancing the learning experience and opening new educational opportunities

Followed by a brainstorming session on the main challenges and opportunities for EU lifelong learning strategies and related tools and frameworks


Claude MEISCH, Minister of Education, Children and Youth, Luxembourg

Chiara GARIAZZO, Director A “Modernisation of education I”, DG EAC, Commission

Raul VALDES COTERA, Head of Lifelong Learning Policies and Strategies Programme, UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning

Joke VAN DER LEEUW ROORD, EUCIS-LLL Secretary-General – Moderation

Prof. Dr. Bernhard SCHMIDT-HERTH, University of Tübingen

Jean-Claude REDING, President of the League of Education of Luxembourg

Business representative


And also… Erasmus+ Training / 17 June

Join our optional Training Session on Erasmus+ the day following the Conference!
For stakeholders to learn about the opportunities offered by the programme, its new policy objectives and key activities. EUCIS-LLL Director Audrey Frith will provide you essential tips on how to write your successful applications!

One session in English (9.30 am - 12.30 pm) and one in French (2-5.30 pm).

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