Free Webinar: Blended Learning For Compliance Training

The way we deliver subject matter can make all the difference especially when it comes to compliance training. Check out Kineo's Blended Learning for Compliance Training on Thursday, June 4th to learn more!
Dates 04 Jun 2015 1:00 pm (UTC -5) 04 Jun 2015 1:30 pm (UTC -5)
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Free Webinar: Blended Learning For Compliance Training

Contrary to what some may think, compliance training is not the “enemy”. No, the problem we’re facing is the fact that so many organizations simply slap a bunch of bullets and boxes on a screen, force learners to sit through countless slides, and call it “training”. This makes for a very unpleasant experience that learners dread. And we don’t blame them.

Just because we have to do something, doesn’t mean it needs to be awful. Let’s consider a different approach, a blended approach. Join us for a 30-minute webinar on Thursday, June 4 at 1pm CST to see how blended learning design can make a difference for your compliance training.

In this webinar, we will:

  • Discuss key challenges with compliance training
  • How to develop a blend that works for compliance
  • Share real-life use cases and examples of great compliance training blends

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