Free Webinar: Learn To Love Compliance

Join us for a collaborative webinar and contribute ideas on approaches, concepts and theories on compliance training. Discover new perspectives on changing your perception of compliance and learn how love, care and respect are used to influence learners.
Dates 20 May 2015 12:30 pm (UTC +1) 20 May 2015 1:00 pm (UTC +1)
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Free Webinar: Learn To Love Compliance

For some people, compliance elearning usually invokes dread and loathing. But not here at Sponge UK!

Our attitude to compliance is positive and affirming. After all, it is compliance that keeps us safe at work.

During this webinar, you will be able to contribute to a conversation on how the roles of love, care and respect are used to commit learners to do the right thing for themselves, their family, their workplace colleagues and the wider community.

We only get one chance to keep people safe in the workplace, so our collective compliance elearning has to be emotionally engaging, personally relevant, authentic and supportive…not threatening, turgid and dull!

We will have a look at ways to shake out the dread and show the light at the end of the tunnel. There may be some mixed metaphors, but this is all part of discovering new perspectives on changing our own perception of compliance.

So, if you thought compliance elearning was dull, loathsome and boring…well, snap out of it and 'Spongify' your thinking!

Bring your thoughts and experience to this collaborative webinar and contribute some ideas on approaches, concepts and theories.

Presented by: aAron Pont - Learning Solutions Architect at Sponge UK.

aAron Pont

With more than 20 years of elearning development and teaching experience behind him, aAron is an expert in introducing people to new concepts and ideas through developing creative solutions and contextualising content for an authentic elearning experience.

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