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‘ihe’ began in 2011, when the ‘Art + Design: elearning lab‘ started investigating the use of iPads in art and design education. At the time there was minimal empirical research on the use of iPads in HE, and the need was identified to provide a platform through international conferences, workshops and other related educational and appropriate academic events, for the dissemination of research on the use of iPads in Higher Education.
Dates 16 Mar 2016 12:00 am (UTC -7) 18 Mar 2016 12:00 am (UTC -7)
Place (View On Map) University of San Francisco

ihe 2016: The 2nd Biennial International Conference on the use of ipads in Hgher Education

Who should attend ihe 2016?

The organizing committee invites and encourages the attendance of researchers, academics, students, librarians, technologists, enthusiasts, and critics from around the world. The focus on iPad use in Higher Education coupled with broad representation from academic disciplines and settings offers rich insights and examples of best practices, strategies for meeting challenges, and views of the future.

What are the benefits of attending ihe 2016?

The main benefit of attendance at ihe2016 is its concentrated focus on iPad use in Higher Education. Unlike larger higher education or technology conferences, the narrower focus of ihe2016 allows deeper, richer sharing of experiences and insights. Examples of iPad use span a multi-disciplinary, international scope, which provides cross-fertilization of ideas in a way that discipline-focused conferences may lack. The size of ihe2016 enables more personal interaction with other researchers and educators than occurs at larger gatherings. Finally, the variety of publication and presentation modes supported by the conference organizers supports creativity and increased interactivity and discussion.

ihe 2016 Keynote Speakers

A mini revolution: A private school’s transformation to a one-to-one iPad environment

Lynn University has received national recognition and praise for its efforts in adopting a mobile, digital and collaborative academic environment for its students and faculty.  In January of 2012 Lynn began experimenting with incorporating iPads and the Apple ecosystem into its curriculum.  Fast forward a quick two years and an entire student population and academic environment has been truly transformed.  Vice President of Academic Affairs, Dr. Gregg Cox and Chief Information Officer, Chris Boniforti will share their journey highlighting successes and challenges.

MyCSUNtablet: Enhancing Teaching and Learning in the Digital Age.

In Fall 2013 California State University embarked on a 1:1 iPad initiative named myCSUNtablet, the first of its kind in the California State University system. By Fall 2015, more than 8,000 students had enrolled in a tablet class in one of eight majors. Student learning outcomes had improved through techniques such as active learning, multimedia creation, and use of faculty-authored digital textbooks which replaced expensive textbooks. Associate Vice President of Academic Technology, Deone Zell, will share the story of the initiative and its evolution, along with video clips from participating faculty and students.

The 2nd Biennial International Conference on the use of ipads in Hgher Education (ihe 2016) will be held at the University of San Francisco on March 16-81, 2016.



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