L&D And Behaviour Change: How To Train Less And Spur More Behaviour Change

Join us at Eduflow Academy as instructional designer Julie Dirksen explains how she spurs behavior change at work.
Dates 16 Dec 2021 5:00 pm (UTC +1) 16 Dec 2021 6:00 pm (UTC +1)
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​It's a familiar problem for learning designers. Your target learner knows what they need to do, and how to do it; but for some reason, they just aren't doing it.

​When that happens, says instructional designer Julie Dirksen, you know you're looking at a behavior change problem, not a knowledge gap. The traditional ID toolkit isn't going to cut it. You need new tools to make workplace behavior change a reality.

​Now, Julie is sharing her toolkit. Join us at Eduflow Academy as Julie explains how she spurs behavior change at work.

​On the call, Julie will speak to:

  • ​Recognizing behavior change challenges, as opposed to knowledge gaps
  • ​Understanding why behavior change is so hard at work
  • ​How L&D teams can leverage behavioral economics and neuroscience for greater impact
  • ​A framework we can use on behavior change projects
  • ​The pace of change in L&D and how to keep up​

Julie will be in conversation with Cassie Naji, Director of L&D at Animalz content marketing agency.

​More About The Panelists

​Julie Dirksen

​Julie is an independent consultant and instructional designer who has more than 20 years of experience creating highly interactive e-learning experiences and working with clients from Google, Microsoft, and Pfizer, to the Bezos Family Foundation, USAid, The Gates Foundation, and the University of Washington. You can read more about her work on her website, Usable Learning.

​Her book, Design for How People Learn, has sold north of 50,000 copies worldwide.

​Cassandra Naji

​As Director of L&D at Animalz content marketing agency, Cassie helps some of the world's smartest business writers create compelling, revenue-generating content. She's building a learning culture from the ground up, as well as working on projects to productize knowledge and learning. She's fascinated by how the psychology of how we learn can and should be reflected in product design.

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