The LEARNTEC 2015 is the leading international trade fair and Convention for Llarning with IT which will take place at the exhibition centre in Karlsruhe on January 27-29, 2015.
Dates 27 Jan 2015 12:00 am (UTC +1) 29 Jan 2015 12:00 am (UTC +1)
Place (View On Map) Karlsruhe Trade Fair Centre

LEARNTEC 2015 is the international trade fair and convention show digital learning in practice and its trends

The convention’s slogan: people and innovation

The coming LEARNTEC 2015 convention addresses the issue of interaction between people and innovation. Sünne Eichler (member of the convention committee): “We drive technological innovation forward and promote its application. In the case of learning with IT, however, it is people and the best possible further education for them that come first – and only then the technical resources required for providing that education. Computers deal with the growing flood of information better than people do. But (currently) only people can utilise this information productively – if they can make use of computers.”

The convention slogan shapes many sections of the programme, such as learner motivation, personalisation of learning opportunities, and the transfer of learning. It’s also the header for the keynotes of LEARNTEC’s opening day: the innovation researcher Professor Dr Marion Weissenberger-Eibl will be speaking on innovations as “challenges and opportunities for shaping the future”, and Professor Dr Gunter Dueck investigates how learning is changed by digital media.

The conventions sections on new APIs, learning analytics, big data, and adaptive learning pick up on the latest technical innovations. This is closely connected with the lectures on data security and the panel discussion with the data protection officer Jörg Klingbeil and Erika Mann (Facebook). The keynotes given by Professor Dr Gerald Lembke and Professor Dr Felix Tretter deal with daily interaction with digital media and the subject of “brain doping”. A total of 110 speakers from 7 countries are taking part with a fifth of the lectures being held in English. The early-bird discount for convention-ticket bookings applies until 12.12.2014. Tickets can be purchased at www.learntec.de .

As has become tradition in the meantime, the convention committee will be proclaiming the LEARNTEC oracle at the event. Sünne Eichler: “Without giving too much away, it can already be said that we can see two marked trends: one towards creative forms of knowledge transfer in the form of games or gamification elements, augmented-reality systems, and MOOCs, and the other towards efficient methods of knowledge transfer, such as by “learning on demand” and “performance support”. We also believe that learning units will tend to be smaller and smarter in the future.”

The e-Learning sector is growing

All lights are green for the coming LEARNTEC: the e-Learning industry can look back on three years of uninterrupted double-figure growth. The figure for 2013 was 13.5%, bringing the sector sales revenue of almost €600m. These are results of the e-Learning industry ranking 2014 just presented by the MMB Institute for Media and Competence Research.

The continuing positive trend in turnover is also reflected in the job market for qualified e-Learning specialists. A total of approximately 9000 employees were working in the e-Learning sector in 2013. The number of permanent employees and freelancers rose by 6% and almost 16% respectively.

E-Learning is no longer just a trend. It is now an integral component of integrated educational concepts. More and more companies emphasize on technology-based learning. This tendency is also confirmed by the constantly increasing number of exhibitors. This also shows e-learning is stronger than ever before.

The LEARNTEC is a home to this market. The exhibition is the most important international platform for IT supported learning. Over 20 years of competence in content and IT speaks for itself. Therefore the LEARNTEC is the meeting point for the e-learning and professional education industry. In 2015 the key players of this sector get together again at the 23rd LEARNTEC in Karlsruhe.

LEARNTEC 2015 will take place at the exhibition centre in Karlsruhe on January 27-29, 2015.

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