LEARNTech Asia 2014

LEARNTech Asia 2014 will inspire you to adopt a multi-disciplinary approach to engage the modern workforce and deliver higher performance in this increasingly competitive economy. The rapid emergence and advancement of technologies have opened up new worlds of possibilities in learning and development. Our inaugural conference theme – ‘Rethink Training!’ is a call-to-action for business and community leaders to adopt new learning solutions leveraging on technology to engage their people and sharpen their organization’s competitive edge.
Dates 13 Nov 2014 12:00 am (UTC +8) 14 Nov 2014 12:00 am (UTC +8)
Place (View On Map) Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

LEARNTech Asia 2014

It is our desire that this conference provides an opportunity for Training Developers, L&D Specialists, Performance Managers, Educators and Technologists to connect and share their expectations, challenges and experiences in using new technologies to drive learning and performance in their organisations. LEARNTech Asia is the premier conference for Asia, because we need an Asian dialogue to this important challenge.

Be part of the conversation with a community of industry pioneers to discover tomorrow’s learning technologies, strategies and practices in this conference. We look forward to your participation in keynote discussions and interactive workshop sessions to explore the new learning universe.

David Yeo - Chairman, LEARNTech Asia Conference 2014

Featuring leading international speakers from 4 continents

LEARNTech Asia Conference 2014 boasts an international panel of speakers with deep field knowledge and expertise. They will review current thinking in education and training, map out trends and issues, and point us to future learning trajectories.


3 exciting Workshop Tracks

Track 1: Learning with Design
Track 2: Learning with Technology
Track 3: Learning with Leadership

In this conference, you will learn:

  • How to develop training crucial for success in this new millennium (Marc Prensky, USA)
  • The tools and tactics of designing training evaluation to meet stakeholder needs and achieve organizational goals (Jim Kirkpatrick, USA)
  • 50 transformational learning technology trends and innovations that will impact business and society (Professor Curtis Bonk, USA)
  • Effective and practical ideas to engage staff with online learning (Laura Overton, UK)
  • How to engage learners to help them become more accomplished individuals, and by extension, more effective employees (Marc Prensky, USA)
  • The frameworks to connect learning technologies with engaging pedagogy (Professor Curtis Bonk, USA)
    How to provide trainees and learners with experiential learning opportunities, in particular through visually engaging real-world simulations (Patrick Hollingworth, Australia)
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