Live Webinar On Kubernetes

Containers and Kubernetes are considered the primary components for going cloud-native, but, given the complexity and velocity of the cloud-native ecosystem, many organizations struggle to get started with what is essential for their applications.
Dates 13 Jan 2021 12:00 pm (UTC -5) 13 Jan 2021 1:00 pm (UTC -5)
Place Online

Kubernetes: Running With The Application Essentials

In this special, 60-minute technical webinar, we'll give you a foundation to understand how to approach containers, Docker, and Kubernetes. By attending this webinar, you will learn:

  • How Kubernetes helps make applications more resilient
  • How to run applications with just enough Kubernetes
  • What microservices are and how they change the application landscape

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Speaker: Peter Ghobrial, Curriculum Developer And Technical Instructor, Mirantis

Peter is the lead curriculum developer and a part-time technical instructor for the Cloud Native Computing courses at Mirantis. In this role, Peter drives the design and development of technical training for enabling IT professionals to work with cloud-native technologies (e.g. Kubernetes, Istio, etc.). Over the past 15 years, Peter has worked as a systems administrator, cloud engineer, technical trainer for both conventional and cloud technology stacks, and more recently, a Learning Strategist, enabling global technical teams to support hundreds of customers on migrating traditional applications to the cloud and building cloud-native applications. Peter holds several technical certifications from The Linux Foundation, Red Hat, and Microsoft along with a Master’s degree in Instructional Technology. Peter lives in Austin, TX—when not at work, he enjoys hiking outdoors, staying fit, and visiting wineries to learn more about winemaking and taste wines!

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