5 Ways To Make Virtual Training As Effective As Face-To-Face

Many organizations view virtual classroom training as 2nd best or inferior to traditional face-to-face training, but when designed and delivered well they can be every bit as effective as GOOD face-to-face courses.
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Dates 05 Feb 2019 9:30 am (UTC -7) 05 Feb 2019 10:30 am (UTC -7)
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MeetingOne And David Smith Presents 5 Ways To Make Virtual Training As Effective As Face-To-Face

Join MeetingOne and David Smith, Global Managing Director of DS Virtually, on February 5th at 9:30am MT, as he shares the top 5 ways that you can ensure your virtual classroom training can every bit engaging and interactive as your face-to-face trainings.

By attending this highly interactive and informative webinar you will be able to:

  • Identify the 5 key areas to focus on for optimizing your live online learning experiences
  • Explore how the elements of design we use in face-to-face can be replicated online
  • Implement the best practices that professionals use when designing and delivering effective live online learning

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