Microlearning Design Online Conference

Take your microlearning design to the next level and discover the tools and resources you need to create engaging content that works.
Dates 18 Sep 2019 8:30 am (UTC -5) 19 Sep 2019 2:00 pm (UTC -5)
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The True Potential Of Microlearning Design

Microlearning isn't defined by the size of the content or length of the experience. The true potential of microlearning resides in your ability to be strategic about the media you use, the way you write and design content, and, most importantly, confirming a short-form approach is right for the problem you’re trying to solve and the audiences you’re creating it for.

The Microlearning Design Online Conference will give you 2 days of practical advice on designing targeted resources that work. You’ll get insights on what tools and media you can use right now to create engaging microlearning experiences, and well as insights from people in our field about what techniques can help you identify the best situations for short-form content and use its strengths strategically.

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