New Year, New Trends In L&D

Join ttc Innovations as we drop the ball on emerging and continued trends influencing the world of Learning and Development!
Dates 31 Jan 2018 10:00 am (UTC -6) 31 Jan 2018 11:00 am (UTC -6)
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New Year, New Trends In Learning And Development

Let’s face it — you’re in the whirlwind. Your environment is constantly changing, moving at what feels like the speed of light. Your business partners are expecting the world, and with limited resources and budget — the pressure to perform is higher than it’s ever been! 2018, heck, you’re still getting caught up on 2017! You don’t have time to read all the whitepapers and comb through those industry-related newsletters that are collecting dust in your overflowing inbox. Sound about right?

Ditch the overwhelm today and ring in the new year right by saving your spot to the one New Year’s party you won’t need to dip out of early.

During this one-time live session, you’ll discover:

  • Which global learning trends to pay attention to and how they’ll affect your unique business
  • How you can tackle information overload & narrow your focus
  • What you can do today to combat talent shortage
  • The importance of meeting learners where they are
  • How to implement rapid & continuous learning in your organization
  • Resources to help you take action on the rising trends of 2018

Join us and learn from top learning and development organizations on proven tactics and trends to solve for your most critical learning needs. Get not only the latest information, but also tips on how you can implement these trends in your unique environment.

This is an invite-only party with limited space — so be sure to save your spot today! We can't wait to help you #UnlockInnovation in 2018!

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