Next Generation Corporate e-Learning "Engage The Learner” Congress

Harnessing Gamification and Mobile, Social, Video and Content Learning Strategies To Increase Workforce Engagement In Enterprise E-Learning Programs. The Only Congress Focused On Integrating Next-Generation e-Learning Strategies Into Fortune 500 Learning Programs. June 22-23, 2015 - Chicago, Illinois. Have you Registered?
Dates 22 Jun 2015 8:00 am (UTC -5) 23 Jun 2015 5:00 pm (UTC -5)
Place (View On Map) Chicago Marriott O'Hare

Next Generation Corporate e-Learning "Engage The Learner” Congress

Engaging multi-generational workforces, particularly millennials, in non-compliance enterprise e-learning programs is a crucial challenge facing corporate learning and development strategists. At a time when the nature of learning itself is being transformed by social media, mobile devices and evolving expectations, the role of e-learning has never been so critical.

To fully leverage the benefits of innovative e-learning tools, techniques and technologies, learning and development strategists need to benchmark the functionality, practicality and costs of mobile, social, gamification, video and content solutions. This will enable them to realign their strategic objectives with the ever-evolving learning environment to increase workforce engagement and drive business performance.

Learning and development professionals within Fortune 500 companies require a vendor-neutral forum, facilitated and led by learning and development strategists in which they can share best practices and benchmark the cost-benefits of e-learning solutions on the market.

Taking place in Chicago, the Next Generation Corporate e-Learning "Engage The Learner" Congress will deliver over 20 corporate case studies from learning and development strategists on integrating the latest e-learning technologies to measurably improve learning and development budget ROI. Speakers will unveil how to apply gamification strategies and mobile learning tools to increase millennial and multi-generational workforce engagement in enterprise e-learning programs and maximize ROI. They will also share valuable insights on how to develop a comprehensive social learning strategy and optimize on-demand learning, live remote learning and online performance support formass-scale enterprise e-learning programs.

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Case Studies Specific To Learning and Development Strategists Will Be Unveiled On Topics Including:

  • Gamification Strategies
    Providing real-life case studies on how Fortune 500 companies have implemented gamification strategies into their e-learning programs in ways that resulted in a tangible ROI.
  • Mobile Learning
    Explaining how to cost-effectively implement a mobile learning strategy to increase interactivity and multi-generational workforce engagement in enterprise e-learning programs.
  • Tablet Learning
    Examining strategies for tailoring enterprise e-learning programs to maximally harness the increased functionality that tablets offer and deliver a more dynamic and personal experience to your workforce.
  • Social Learning
    Applying social learning tools to provide more organic, inclusive enterprise e-learning programs that increase interactivity, workforce participation and employee performance
  • Live Remote Learning, On-Demand Learning And Performance Support
    Optimizing on-demand, performance support and live remote learning for mass-scale enterprise e-learning programs.
  • Next Generation eLearning Technologies
    Evaluating cutting-edge e-learning technologies such as cloning tools, cloud-base platforms and advanced data analytics to determine which will have the biggest impact on improving ROI.
  • Engaging Millennials
    Utilizing mobile, social, video and gamfication-based learning tools to increase the engagement of younger generations in enterprise e-learning programs

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Why The Next Generation Corporate e-Learning "Engage The Learner” Congress Is Unique

As The Only Congress Focused On Integrating Next-Generation e-Learning Strategies Into Fortune 500 Learning Programs...

Learning and development strategists are excited about an opportunity to benchmark mobile, social, gamification, video and content solutions out of the spotlight of a vendor-biased user-group and in a peer-to-peer environment where everyone is facing similar challenges. Featuring over 20 case studies, attendees can benefit in the knowledge that every discussion will be:

100% Devoted To Enterprises / Corporations

Almost all other e-learning programs are either entirely for academic institutions or for a mix of academic and enterprise organizations; by focusing 100% on enterprise e-learning, our agenda delivers much more value to the target audience who face very specific challenges completely distinct from those of academia

100% Focused On Fortune 500 Companies

Fortune 500 companies face completely different e-learning challenges to smaller organizations due to the scale and scope of their operations; the fact that all our case studies will be coming from peers of similar size ensures the content will be maximally relevant to them

Who Should Attend At The Next Generation Corporate e-Learning "Engage The Learner” Congress?

Meet Senior Decision Makers From:

  • Fortune 500 Companies
  • Large Enterprises

With Job Titles Including:

Chief Learning Officers, Vice Presidents, Directors and Managers Of:

  • Learning & Development
  • Learning
  • Training
  • eLearning
  • Mobile Learning

Plus Key Industry Suppliers Of:

  • Bespoke Learning Solutions
  • Learning Management Systems
  • Authoring Tools
  • Performance Support / Performance Management Software
  • Gamification Platforms, Simulation Development & Game Design
  • Social Learning Platforms / Enterprise Social Networks
  • Mobile Learning Platforms & Applications
  • Video Solutions
  • Virtual Learning Solutions
  • Blended Learning Solutions

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