NF-ALC 2015

The NF-ALC will feature new session formats designed to provide opportunities for participants to demonstrate innovative practices and research that leverage the advantages of technology-enhanced learning spaces and active learning pedagogies.
Dates 05 Aug 2015 12:00 am (UTC -5) 07 Aug 2015 12:00 am (UTC -5)
Place (View On Map) Robert H. Bruininks Hall

The 2015 National Forum on Active Learning Classrooms (NF-ALC 2015) at the University of Minnesota focuses on advancing practice and research on active learning classroom spaces.

Our expectation is that participants from a wide variety of institutions will attend the NF-ALC 2015 to

a) examine common issues affecting the effective use of these spaces and chart a path for their resolution

b) share successful practices that have enriched the student and faculty experience in active learning classrooms

c) build and deepen networks with colleagues in order to advance their campus efforts.

The forum is framed by the alignment between the use of new learning spaces and achieving the academic priorities of many universities and colleges, such as increased retention, improved graduation rates, student engagement, emerging technologies, and global learning. Since these priorities are of broad interest to all working in higher education, international participation is most welcome.

NF-ALC 2015 Featured Speakers

Keynote Speaker
Active Learning Classrooms: Cultivating Opportunities for Growth, Play, and Transformation
Kim Eby, Associate Provost for Faculty Development; Director, Center for Teaching and Faculty Excellence, George Mason University

Opening Remarks
The opening night speaker for the NF-ALC 2015 is Robert H. Bruininks, President Emeritus of the University of Minnesota.

Closing Remarks
What Is a Classroom Anyway?
Thomas Fisher, University of Minnesota; Former dean of the College of Design; Dayton Hudson Chair in Urban Design in the School of Architecture at the University of Minnesota.

The 2015 National Forum on Active Learning Classrooms (NF-ALC 2015) will be held at the University of Minnesota on August 5-7 2015.


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