Cognition, Emotion, And Social Learning In Learning Design

We will explore how to design learning programs for the “whole learner,” addressing learners’ cognitive, emotional, and social characteristics. Join this session at DevLearn on October 27, 2017!
Dates 27 Oct 2017 8:30 am (UTC -7) 27 Oct 2017 9:30 am (UTC -7)
Place (View On Map) Session #708

Obsidian Learning Session At DevLearn 2017, Presented By Monica Savage

Historically, adult learning has been about facts. People are experts at filling their brains with facts, but sometimes they forget about relevancy, recall, usability, and impact. How can we design learning that speaks to the “whole learner”? How can we make a dramatic impact and ensure effective performance outcomes? Join us in Obsidian Learning session at DevLearn 2017.

We will explore how to design learning programs for the “whole learner,” addressing learners’ cognitive, emotional, and social characteristics. We will examine the concept of learning as the interaction between three dimensions: content, incentive, and interaction. We'll introduce real-world examples of this concept and provide an easy process to apply in your own learning design. This session will include an interactive exercise to demonstrate the application of the “whole learner” concept to microlearning and instructional videos.

In this session, we will learn:

  • How to recognize the specific cognitive, emotional, and social aspects of a learning deliverable
  • How to apply a “whole learner” design process to your learning design
  • How to identify the potential for increasing performance through driving the incentive
  • How to augment existing learning deliverables with emotional and social engagement


Novice to advanced designers, developers, managers, and directors who are familiar with adult learning theory and basic learning design concepts.

Technologies and Adult Learning Concepts covered:

Mobile Learning, Microlearning, HTML5, xAPI, Blended Learning, Distributed Learning, Instructional Design, Psychology, Cognition, Learning Deliverable, Learning Design, Analysis, Learning Objectives, Performance Objectives, eLearning, Gamification.

About Monica Savage:

Monica Savage is the president of Obsidian Learning. Her 16 years of experience in variety of industries have given her a structured yet flexible approach to efficient organization and successful management of complex processes and organizations. Her master’s degrees in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering add depth to many of Obsidian’s scientific and technical projects. Her straightforward, collaborative approach to communication—both internally and with customers—and her creative problem solving abilities have been fundamental to Obsidian’s delivery of out-of-the box ideas and projects on time and on budget.

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