Pushing Boundaries In VR Training With Filmmaker Hugh Hou

DIY or hire a team to film immersive learning? That is the question!
Dates 12 Apr 2022 1:00 pm (UTC -6) 12 Apr 2022 2:00 pm (UTC -6)
Place Online

Are you ready to create immersive learning (VR training) but are unsure how to start creating 360-degree images and video? Meet Hugh Hou, world-renowned 360 filmmaker and popular Youtuber. Hugh is the co-founder of CreatorUp, a video marketplace that makes video easy, even video in VR!

In this webinar hosted by eLearning Brothers, Hugh Hou and the CreatorUp team will discuss when you should hire a team to create your VR content versus when to do it yourself. They'll also share best practices when doing it on your own and talk about the tools needed for filming and building immersive experiences.

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