Reducing Cognitive Overload Through Design And Microlearning

Expert tips from Connie Malamed and Roni Floman on how to avoid overloading working memory for better results, and how to implement these insights in gamified microlearning. Join this webinar on the 7th of September, 2017.
Dates 07 Sep 2017 12:00 pm (UTC -4) 07 Sep 2017 1:00 pm (UTC -4)
Place Online

GamEffective Webinar For Reducing Cognitive Overload

In this expert series webinar we will discuss:

  • Understand what causes cognitive overload
  • How to help learners free working memory capacity
  • About effective instructional design that avoids cognitive overload
  • How to implement these insights in gamified microlearning

The webinar will be held on Thursday, September 7th, 12:00 PM EST, sign up here.

Connie Malamed is a well-known eLearning, information and visual designer. She has a Masters Degree in Instructional Design & Technology and many years of experience in the trenches. The eLearning Coach site is where she shares actionable strategies, practical content, product reviews and resources to help you design, develop and understand online learning. She loves making products for learning professionals.

GamEffective is a leading workforce performance gamification company, helping companies engage employees to improve motivation and learning.

One of just four Gartner Cool Vendors for HR Software,  GamEffective is a unique blend of next generation performance management and Employee Gamification 2.0. It helps companies engage and motivate employees by setting goals and tracking their performance in real time. GamEffective provides real-time feedback as well as dynamic  goal setting for employees and managers to drive better performance– doing away with stale goals stated in once-a-year reviews. By showing goals and objectives to employees, it acts like a fitness tracker for work.

The GamEffective platform can easily integrate with existing enterprise applications, providing a deep and effective gamification solution that significantly improves performance.

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