Sandbox Summit 2016

Sandbox Summit@MIT will explore the ROI of Play from multiple angles and diverse disciplines, aligning with research trends, industry developments and breakthrough strategies across a range of platforms. In true Sandbox style, it promises to be as playful as it is enlightening, piquing curiosity and creativity, and fostering new connections and collaborations in unexpected ways.
Dates 18 Apr 2016 12:00 am (UTC -4) 19 Apr 2016 12:00 am (UTC -4)
Place (View On Map) Massachussets Institute of Technology

Sandbox Summit 2016: "The ROI of PLAY"

he benefits of play are well documented. Not only is it fun, it’s how kids learn. Play teaches kids the skills they need to read, share, create, and become happy, caring adults. However, as kids spend more and more time with media and technology, the way they play is changing. Furthermore, what we once thought of as tools—our oh-so-smart electronics—have morphed into toys, creating an entirely new playground. It’s in the interest of businesses, educators, and consumers to make sure that how kids are playing today, and the toys that they’re using, provide them with the kind of open-ended experiences that stimulate creativity and foster the social and critical thinking skills we know they’ll need in the 21st century.

With a nod to Jean Piaget, Maria Montessori, and Fred Rogers, Sandbox Summit recognizes that some of the most productive play happens in the sandbox. This is where kids learn to share, create, and imagine. This is where critical thinking and collaboration co-exist. This is where the skills that play teaches are born and bred.

Sandbox Summit 2016 sparks the kind of interactions that promote play for all the right reasons. Be it a conference, workshop, or personalized strategic collaboration, Sandbox Summit addresses the intersection of technology and learning. Through high-energy presentations, innovative demonstrations, original research, and thought-provoking discussions with industry and media leaders, analysts, journalists, educators, and parents, each Sandbox strategically intermingles disciplines and viewpoints. By creating a dynamic forum for conversation, Sandbox Summit strives to ensure that the next generation of players becomes active innovators rather than passive users of technology.

Play is how kids learn. Technology is an enticement. By creating a forum for conversation around play and technology, Sandbox Summit strives to ensure that the next generation of players becomes active innovators, rather than passive users, of technology.

Sandbox Summit 2016 will be held at MIT (Cambridge, MA, US) on April 18 - 19, 2016.

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