Scenario-Based eLearning Design Certificate

Attend Training magazine's most popular Certificate Programs from your office! In this live, online workshop, starting March 30, 2017, learn the step-by-step process of designing and developing scenario-based eLearning programs.
Dates 30 Mar 2017 12:00 pm (UTC -5) 30 Mar 2017 3:00 pm (UTC -5)
Place (View On Map) Online Workshop (Three Sessions)

Scenario-Based eLearning Design Certificate Program

Learn the step-by-step process of designing and developing scenario-based eLearning programs that heightens eLearners involvement and learning. This certificate program focuses on raising the level of engagement of eLearning courses and practical steps to control costs. This is a hands-on course which provides opportunities to apply ideas in your projects immediately.

Program Details: Scenario-Based eLearning (SBL) is a highly-interactive and high-discovery method of learning that puts the learner on the spot. They have proven to help learners learn in areas where the subjects involve risks; emotional experience; behavioral changes; decision making and judgment; in-depth technical skills; and social learning. Unfortunately, many approaches in SBL development tend to overkill SBL design – increasing costs and development time. In this session, you will learn the steps of constructing an SBL successfully, while keeping a lid on budget and time.

This is an intensive certificate program. You will meet 3 times. Each session runs for 3 hours; the first two hours being instructor-led. During the remaining one hour, you will have the opportunity to do your homework on your own, or stay online and work with/ask questions of your instructor and peers.

Prerequisites: To participate in this program, you are required to have basic Web browsing skills and have some minimal experience in participating in online events. It is recommended that you have attended an eLearning program and are involved in the design and implementation of an eLearning program.

In this certificate you will learn to:

  • Understand the heart of a truly engaging SBL.
  • Identify where SBLs work the best in job-related learning demands.
  • Create SBLs highly discovery process.
  • Understand models of SBLs.
  • Build powerful, engaging, and provocative stories and scenarios.
  • CreateSBLs that create impacts on the job performance.
  • Pick the characters that match your content and context.
  • Create characters to deliver the learning points.
  • Construct step-by-step SBL architecture with nodes, events, conflicts, challenges.
  • Construct mini-SBLs, snippets, nuggets, or vignettes.
  • Determine what different types of stories to match your SBLs.
  • Understand what software supports SBL development.
  • Extend SBLs from simulated events to real-life applications
  • Manage costs, create a budget and plan, a documentation that becomes your storyboard and worksheet that serve as guide for the interactive and software developers.
  • Make SBLs powerfully engaging, without increasing costs; making SBLs affordable.
  • Select the right software for implementation.

You will also see first hand:

  • A simulated SBL hands-on process
  • Hands-on session in designing the architecture of an SBL, a plan that you can take back to work
  • Live online demos on using software to build an SBL

Bonus Items: Participants will receive the digital version of the book!

  • Early-Bird Rate 30+ days prior to the course start date:  $645
  • Registration within 30 days of course start date:  $795

Instructor:  Ray Jimenez, Author, Scenario-Based Learning: Using Stories to Engage eLearners

3 SESSIONS:  MARCH 30, APRIL 4, and APRIL 7, 2017 (3-hour courses starting at 1 pm Eastern time)

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