Solving The Challenges Of Offline Learning

Corporate eLearning is constantly evolving, so the training approach of many traditional office environments is simply no longer adequate. Join this webinar to learn solutions for the shortfalls of your offline learning strategy, on September 13, 2017.
Dates 13 Sep 2017 1:00 pm (UTC -4) 13 Sep 2017 2:00 pm (UTC -4)
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Free Webinar - Solving The Challenges Of Offline Learning

Organizations that employ traditional eLearning approaches are doing a disservice to their employees, and thus to their corporations overall.

Even with rapid developments in technology – often accompanied by promises of efficiency and convenience for professionals, the workforce is actually still overworked, constantly on-the-go, and under more pressure than ever. Too often, crucial eLearning feels like an inconvenience or is ignored altogether.

With unpredictable schedules and the downtime people have without access to Internet, today’s learners need the option of learning on their own terms – on any device, at any time, and through unreliable Internet connection. The most efficient professionals make the most of their time, so they should be able to access required training and educational content even when they can't access the Internet.

Defy dependence on the Internet andkeep your employees educated and on their toes.

Join us for this webinar to learn more, including:

  • How to take courses offline easily
  • How you can still collect detailed learning metrics
  • How to get courses to a disparate workforce

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